Saturday, November 10, 2012

trip to utah + baby showers + ute game!

last week we were SOOOO lucky to get to go to utah for a weekend! i, of course, could have stayed a week longer.... but i was happy for the time i had there.

we mainly planned to go out for a ute game.... but since we won't be back until christmas time and then not again until after the baby, it was the perfect time for baby showers!!!! i still have a very hard time believing that we are having another baby, let alone a girl! i still think there is a chance that it's a boy.... i don't know. i just hear so many people say that they make mistakes all the time and what if that is me? it's made it hard for me to envision a nursery. i have another ultrasound on the 15th, and depending on how that one goes, maybe another one before the baby is born... so hoping that will give me some closure.

let's give you a brief on the 8-hour ride over: 7th circle of hell. there. that's all.

So, I had 2 showers: one with jer's side of the family and one with my friends and family. how funny is this: both showers were put on by Sara(h) and Shayla!

Friday night was Jer's family shower. I sure wish i had pictures! i know someone was taking them.... will you send them to me of you read my blog? or if you know who did, can you ask them to send them to me? i really can't remember who was behind the flash all night! it really was so much fun, though! we made bows and hair thingies, but mostly just chatted. and the food.... ah-mazing! shayla, i need that recipe for the sugary, buttery, caramelly, cookie/cheesecake you made. no, it wasn't pretty, but i'm pretty sure i have never had anything so delightful! there was also a hot chocolate bar, cinnamon rolls, and yummy muffins... it was all so good! oh, and the cutest hot air ballon pops! dang it, i wish i had pictures! oh, and the decor was the colors i am having my nursery: coral and mint (and yellow and grey).

i mostly just loved seeing everyone and i so appreciate everyone for coming! my favorite part was when i was telling them how my mom had a panic attack because i registered for the baby bullet at target AND babies r us... she was worried that someone else would get it for me, but i assured her that there was nothing to worry about and to calm down. well.... mother knows best! as i was telling the story, Joni lets out a gasp! sure enough, her and brooke got me one, too! i gladly eat my words, mom! the funny thing is that is was the only thing that i double registered for. what are the odds?

i loved ALL of the cute things and you can rest assured that you will see Sweet Sadie wearing all of them.... pictures to come!

The second shower was from and Draper... er....Stone. I LOVED it! they had a brinch bar that looked like it came right out of etsy! again, WHY did i not take more pictures? i got these two, though. mmmmm, cinnamon rolls, chips and salsa, parfait bar, fruit, french toast, hot chocolate.... basically name a food that i could eat all day every day and it was presented on that table!
how cute are these owls!?
thank you again Sarah, Sara, Shayla and Shayla! i really cannot thank you enough for such cute and fun showers and for putting the time into making them so perfect!

that afternoon, jer and i made our way to the ute game. it was then that i really really missed utah! those mountain views that i took for granted and the awesome sea of red was the bomb. loved the 1/2 time show when they released, i don't know, 500 balloons? a veterans celebration!

the best part, really, was just getting to spend time with family and friends! we were pretty booked solid, since it was such a short trip, but we managed to see many! the showers definitely helped with that. 

how cute is that lukey boy with grandma?!?!?!?!
 the boys were able to spend plenty of time with my parents, their mom-mom and grandad. they spent all day friday, saturday night, and sunday morning with them.... if there is one thing that is keeping me from REALLY accepting colorado as home, it would be them. right now, i feel like i still have two homes, not just one. does that make sense?

seth, oh my, he is just the sweetest boy. if you ask him who his best friend is, he will NO DOUBT say grandad and boston. without fail. sometimes he will throw daddy and lukey in there. i ask if i can be his best friend, and apparently i can be best friends with daddy. anyway, so you can imagine how excited he was to see them! over-the-moon excited. it was really so sweet. once i dropped him off at my parents on friday, he kept saying, "bye mom. ok, bye mom!"..... hmmm, you would think he was trying to get rid of me.

Mom and dad.... pleaaaaase send me all the pictures you guys took with the boys! i want to add them here!

sunday morning we met up with them plus talysha and nick for breakfast.... the place we wanted to go had a 40 minute wait, to we made it to... wait for it.... Coachmans on state street. picture an old rundown wendover restaurant/casino. it had that vibe. my dad told me that he used to go there as a teenager to buy smokes. good time.

the boys and i had the pleasure to see a white-powdery drug deal go on, so that was fun. nick used to live a block from there and was not shocked when i told him this.

the breakfast itself was astronomical! i'm not joking when i say it was the best waffle i have ever had!!! it was worth the risk! ooooh, and we got to eat next to a real live hooker. i'm 99% sure that's what she was. she had quite the appetite.

 tried to get some pictures of the fun...
could NOT get seth to look up from the phone to take a picture!  he was saying cheese, but not doing the action that usually accompanies the "cheese" which is looking into the camera

thought maybe with Mom-mom we could get a good one..... not at first. then, my dad had a genius idea: move the  phone up so it appears that he is looking at or near the camera and not the phone! BAM!

A little Lukey action! yes, that's OJ in the bottle.... the car ride to utah i mentioned earlier resorted us back to oj and milk in the bottle to stop the crying. we are weak. we did last 1 hour of crying, though, so go us!

i just really liked this picture of my dad! hahaha! and look at the lady behind him! good times.
Jer surprised me with an extra day in Utah. this let me see Liz and Dodo it up, see cousin Jessie, visit grandma and grandpa Young and get to go to the owens house! seth was a little confused when we pulled up next to our old house! he said "mom! that's our little house!"

sad morning tuesday when it was time to go... to stop seth from crying, i had to keep on reassuring him that we would be back soon! he was soooo sad! i went over and over the checklist of the next three months for him: thanksgiving then cruise then luke's birthday then go to utah then come home and christmas then new years eve then mommy and daddy's birthday then baby born then seth's birthday! once he got that memorized, he settled a bit! lots of exciting things to look forward to. it helped me feel better about leaving, too!

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