Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pumpkin patch minus the pumpkin patch

A couple days after Estes, on October 10th, we went to a pumpkin patch with the friends who live behind us. the boys ADORE them! every time we even drive by their house, seth says "hey! that's my friend's house!" they have 3 boys: 4 (Wesley), 2 (Weston) and 5ish months (Witton). all are so cute and have the cutest personalities! their mom, danay, is also great! she just had this baby and with all of the cross fit she does, you would never even guess she has had one!! inspiration come february-april.

anyway, we met at this patch in broomfield. it had a bunch of fun little blow-up things, slides, a hay barrel maze, and a little petting zoo. 

Seth: it's what's for dinner

are we surprised that luke was obsessed with the animals?

these two were buddy buddy all day! seth tells me he's his friend that can run faster. There was a goose that kept honking, so every time it did, they would both ruuuun and hide behind a barrel of hay and laugh hysterically!

my kind of maze

luke and wesley owning those stairs

seriously how cute is this?!

see the picture of the person sliding? well, seth was the slide nazi for a minute or two and made sure that everyone going down knew the proper way to slide

wesley obviously did not listen :)

i took my turn... the out of control game face i have there is due to a little girl who, as we started to slide down, decided she was going to climb on the bottom of the slide. even luke was concerned!

at one point wesley was a bit frightened to go up those stairs... so i carried him. apparently we were going too slow cause i had about 3 children end up passing me under my legs. 

now that's a handsome boy right there

We bought mini pumpkins at the little store they have there. A couple days later, we went to Danay's house to paint the pumpkins. messes and fun ensued. Where is Luke in these pictures? well, he was more interested in chasing the cats than painting.

to get even more in the halloween spirit, we made and decorated some sugar cookies!
doesn't that look delish?

oh! so that niche from hell i am always griping about? we're going to build a room around it! we're going to have a loft/play room for the boys up there so Sadie can have the current play room as her nursery and the boys will get a gigantic playroom that should give them enough room. the niche will be turned into a book shelf for that room. this is something we wanted the builder to do, but they said it was too far along. lame-ass. anyway, they are going to do it while we are on our cruise. 

here's just a photo drop of some random pictures in this time frame

seth had me draw a picture of our family plus mom-mom and grandad

so excited for fall!

gotta get our fire pit on!

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