Saturday, November 10, 2012


Halloween season was very exciting for the boys this year. we spent the month of october doing random "halloweeny" things. we waited until after the snow storm to do pumpkins since before the storm it was waaaay too warm for any jack-o-lanterns. our friends, the davis family, learned this the hard way.... quickly mushing up jack-o-lantern faces 2 weeks before halloween.

we did go to a pumpkin patch but we never bought a true, big pumpkin. instead, we did the store route. winning.

seth picked out the face he wanted jer to make... it had to be a goofy one, not scary. i thought they were all scary, but he found one that worked for him. i say "one" because we were over carving pumpkins after the first one. it's kind of gross, honestly. i think the boys did better and felt more involved with the painting of the pumpkins

jer, hard at work. 

luke got a little sleepy

goofy or scary?

seth was very busy wrapping up his guy with a shoelace
 ok, my moment of shame as a mother: my first home-made costume. the ghost. in my defense, i tried and tried to get seth to choose another costume. a ninja? no. spiderman!? no. pirate?!! no.  to seth, the scariest thing he could be is a ghost. maybe colin told him to? i don't know. i do know that they don't have ghost costumes at the halloween shops. i guess they figure if you want to be a ghost, you can go buy a sheet and make one yourself. and that's just what we did.
EPIC fail

the only saving grace was that seth LOVED it! he thought it was the greatest costume ever!!!!!!
 we first tried out our new costumes at a trunk or treat at the davis' ward halloween party.  luke was a little tiger, and the perfect tiger, i might add! he actually won second place for best animal costume! i can't imagine why seth's costume didn't win anything?

seth's costume ended up looking more like a jedi costume, or ...something. he still loved it!
 On halloween day, we got together with erin and kelsey and made a halloween-themed lunch for the kids.

pumpkin-faced cakes, jack-o-lantern cheese (for lukey), fruit witch wands,  pumpkin pie dip with apples and graham crackers, and blood and puss dip (cream cheese and chipotle raspberry sauce)

erin made some hot dog mummies!

that night, the weather was PERFECT! it was so fun to see the boys really get into the halloween spirit

we ended up adding more eyes to the goofy jack-o-lantern

holding his tiger and the mini pumpkin he painted

loved the lighting, but didn't love the lack of picture cooperation with these two goofballs. they were way too excited to hold still

isnt kelsey's ladybug costume the cutest!!!!!
we spent about an hour tick-or-treating in our neighborhood... that was the most i, er, i mean the boys could handle :) 

favorite quote by seth was at the end of it all... second to last house and as seth comes back from the house he says  "i guess i'm not so scared of ghosts after all!"

favorite luke moment: when he go twice the amount of candy that everyone else got! why? because he would sneak him little hand in and keep on grabbing candy until someone would say something. he's the ultimate honey badger.

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Armelle Berck said...

Seth looks like a nun in the second picture! Awesome :))))