Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Almost 2 (months and years)

wow. i really never thought i would be here. i almost have a 2 year old and 2 month old! i also never thought that a 2-year-old would be so much harder than a 2-month-old! seth's speech is improving, but he thinks it's better than it actually is, which makes for a frustrated mommy and sethy sometimes. for instance, this afternoon he woke up and started saying "whai, Wai, Wai!" i said "wai?'
"ya, WHAI! WAI! WAI!"
"this way?"
"no! WAI"
"uh, you want water?"
"are you hungry? train? want to watch your shows? sit on my lap? milk?"
at this point seth was beyond distraught. to him, why was i so stupid that i couldn't figure out this seemingly simple thing that he so desperately needed. so, like an awesome mom, i gave him tylenol and held him until he calmed down.
should i expect more of this in the coming year? a terrible two thing? i think he doesnt feel well.... so i'm going to cautiously wait it out. maybe a tooth coming in. he's just not been his self the past few days.
yesterday the word he woke up to was "wish, wish, wish!" luckily, on a whim, i figured out that meant he wanted goldfish. phew.... crisis diverted!

so, seth's speech isnt perfect but it is getting so much better! my favorite word progression is the word "please". i am pretty strict about that word, so it really was about his first word, only at first it was "eeeeeee!" then it transformed to "geeeeee" then "geeeeez" and now, my favorite so far, "wheeth". his "thank you" used to just be a grunt, but it, too, is getting better. he now says a quick "tank" as he runs off with whatever i just gave him.

luke is quickly approaching the 2 month mark. i can hardly believe how big he is! it blows my mind. i feel like i can appreciate it more with him since i'm not wishing for him to grow up as fast as i did with seth. i just want luke to stay little! he is already a very vocal child and loves to look at you in your eye.

the past couple weeks he has been a different child. at first, i nursed and gave him about 1 bottle of formula a day (mostly so others could feed him) but he was always SO gassy and spit up ALL the time. you could tell he would get in a lot of pain. i decided to take off the formula to see what difference it makes, and boy oh boy, he is SUCH a happy camper now! a couple days after, i got my first real smiles! they sure do make you forget all those sleepless nights in a hurry, not that there have been many. he's a pretty good sleeper. wakes once or twice a night just to nurse. that's been a huge blessing! he is a freakin doll!

seth is constantly asking where his baby is and always kissing him, getting him a binky, or patting him when he cried and saying "it's ok, it's ok". i so hope this love continues and that they become besties growing up!

jer and i are easing back into life. figuring out what our new normal is. i am finally seeing a glimpse of my old self. for a while there, i thought she was gone forever... i know you think i mean physically, but i mean MENTALLY! it's been a long few weeks of feeling crazy! i dont feel embarrassed saying it because after going through it, i've learned it's a very common thing that really just isnt talked about much. well, i'm here to say that it sucks but there is a light at the end and i'm getting there... going to hawaii definitely helped :)

jer is a trooper . his long, unpredictable hours at work can be tough, but i would so rather have it this way than having to work myself. i am so glad and appreciative of him for working so hard so i can stay home, even on days like today.


Camie and JD said...

So cute! I love the pictures! I totally know what you mean about going crazy and finally seeing your old self again, that a perfect way to put it! You look like you guys are doing well.

The Stone's said...

I can't believe how much Luke looks like Seth! So cute!

the petersons said...

There are so many things I could say about his post but I'll save us both the time and just say Love! I loved it! I love the way you describe Seth's talking because it reminds me so much of Hayden. And Luke really is a freaking doll! They are both so handsome. Ok so I said more than I intended but I did love this whole post and I love reading your blog so keep writing! :)

Anonymous said...

Your boys are so adorable. Your family is just too good looking. Sheesh!

Sar n' Trav said...

Love you Sarah! I enjoyed reading this, lets chat :)