Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Seth and Luke chronicles

My mom's been having all the fun, so it's time for US to tell you what's been new in our lives. this is Seth, and because i'm the oldest, i will go first.

lately, my mom and mom-mom have been on this kick of getting me potty trained. not my favorite since i'm usually just too busy playing to be bothered with matters of the toilet. i finally get to a top level on "where's my perry?" and that buzzer from hell goes off, signaling that it's time for me to sit on the pot. such a drag! oh, and forget about just ignoring it, cause my mom will NOT let that happen. it's like, why would i stop what i am doing if in the past i could just do it in my diaper and be done with it. easy peasy. to me, using the toilet is the ultimate time waster! i've got things to do people!!!!

and that timer!!! so confusing! apparently i don't have to go to the bathroom ONLY when it goes off... i can also go before. that information would have been useful EARLIER!! i had to go poo SO bad, but the timer hadn't gone off yet! i held it as long as i could... but at 7 minutes to go, my sphincter gave in to the urge. i was pretty upset, i mean, i was TRYING! i came to my mom and asked her when the timer was going to go off, she said seven minutes and asked if i had to go potty. i told her "poo". she said "oh, you have to go poo?!" --- duh, mom, i couldn't! the timer didn't go off yet and i already had. i told her "but 7 more minutes! i can't! timer didn't go off!" i guess, as she says, that i can even go before the timer goes off! then what, may i ask, is the timer for? so confusing!

well, it seems to make my mom happy, so i'll go with it. the promise of a candy necklace for going poo on the potty is well worth it. as of now, i mostly don't have any "accidents" as my mom calls them (between you and me, i call them "on purposes"). i'm in undies 90% of the day, and man, can i just say, i look gooood in them. i can already tell the ladies are finally seeing me as a big boy. i don't mean to brag, but yesterday i played with FOUR and a HALF year old TWIN girls! TWINS! they were all over me! it must be the undies.

my gymnastics class is all over. that was pretty fun! the teacher called me a natural. unfortunately, i took that as "you are great, you don't have to listen to directions. just do your own thing", which was frowned upon. the last day of class, however, i got to go with mom-mom and i was totally on top of the listening to the teacher thing. pro.

next friday i start soccer! after all, my team needs me!

luke and i are cool. he's getting bigger so it's more fun to run around with him and he doesn't cry as much when i wrestle him. on the flip side, it also means he wants to play with the same toys as i do. not so fun. i make sure he knows who is boss around here. but hey, i'm not a monster! i also try to make him happy when he is sad! i aways start by singing "happy, happy, happy!" and if that doesn't work i yell "stop crying!" but make sure to politely say "okay lukey?" after. as big brother, it is my responsibility and i take it very seriously. if my happy-making tactics fail, i feel like a failure. i could end up crying as hard as lukey is!

Some of my favorite things to say are as follows: "i win!" "i'm faster" (can yo used a theme here?) "nothing happened" and "i told ya!". my favorite way to get out of something is to say things like "i too sick" or "i can't walk, see" and then i "trip" over myself. works like a charm. i think they have no idea that i am faking it to get out of cleaning... although i always end up in more trouble when i do that. hmmmm.

i am a picker. i can't imagine where i got that from ::cough:: mom ::cough:: my forehead and face are full of scabs that will never have a chance to heal if i have anything to do with it. it's mostly a fun thing to do when i;m tired. i don't even really notice that i'm doing it. last night i got 2 mosquito bites on my face... those will be a riot to fester up. if my parents catch me, that's when i like to hide and say "nothing happened!"
i don't even think they are noticeable!

let's see... i like my new house. we just got a new yard, but i still can't play on the lawn. 5 more days until it's kosher to play in the grass! oh, get how cool this is: yesterday we were eating breakfast outside and there was a total hot air balloon right above our house! how lucky can a kid get!? in total, we saw FIVE at one time! bam!
half naked... big surprise

oh, so i guess i'm getting a nanny? this week and next i think my mom is taking us boys to meet potential nanny's. i have been looking online with mommy to see what's available, and may i say, there are some pretty things out there! they are all early 20's, hot, newly graduated or going to school in elementary ed, single and ready to mingle! i am SO going to show off my new gymnastics skills for them!

here's something pretty huge... i sleep in my bed now! i know, i know, you thought it would never happen. actually, i didn't either, but i thought i would give my mom a break. she's good people.

whelp, that's all from me. i'll let lukey take the stage:

hey friends, it's me, your little fireball lukey!

today i've just been busy playing with animals: stuffed, plastic...  don't discriminate. i still have a mean "rawr" that could fool anybody. did you know that every animal makes that noise? well, yeah, they do. surprised you didn't know that. all of my animals are pretty cool. i like to have them at the dinner table with me when i eat so i can feed them, too. they get hungry! i know the pains of hunger and i will not let another animal suffer hunger pangs!

my favorite food is still cheese. shredded preferably. i like to eat food that has the highest possibility of making a mess. secretly, i just want food to fall on the ground so my animals have something to eat later! i'm sweet like that.

as you've read, my big bro is doin the potty on the toilet thing. it seems like a pretty fun thing to do! hang out in the bathroom, get naked, get candy! i don't see what his fuss is all about! i've been sitting on the potty, too. if he is already on the potty, that's ok. i just take off my diaper and go wherever. winning!

so, about the whole move here... it's all good. i miss the grandparents, but i keep pretty busy. there is a lot of house to mess up during the day, which takes up a good chunk of my time. between that and going to play with my friend kelsey all the time, i hardly have time to miss utah. i hardly remember it. plus, moving boxes totally rule.
yes, we don't like clothes and my mom doesn't like laundry... win win.

hmmm, oh i'm talking. my mom may not understand, but seth does! i'm pretty smart and i am just a bowl full of energy! i have high highs and low lows. it's not often that i hang out in that middle ground. when i get upset, my personal favorite thing to get my point across is to run in circles while yelling. then, because i'm smart, i go find a nice soft place to land. i don't do it if no one is watching... what is the fun in that? when i'm on my high, on the other hand, i am the bomb dot com! everyone looooves me!! i mean, look up adorable in the encyclopedia and there will be a picture of me when i'm happy. there's no contest. i dance, will come up to you and hold your cheeks and sing to you, i'll clean the floors, tickle everyone, babble nonsense.... just the cutest. i hope my mom is recording me, cause this stuff is epic

speaking of adorable, i love to give kisses! also, if i see a camera, i MUST say "cheese!" even my sad face is cute!

i can't think anymore and seth is spinning so i think i will join him. until next time!

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The Stone's said...

I miss these boys! And I don't blame those 4 year old twins! Seth is a heartbreaker!

Holy Yard! It's so beautiful! Miss you!