Thursday, September 16, 2010

big boy photo shoot, grape stomping, etc

the past few weeks have been a dream! i love staying home with seth! the house is clean (mostly), the laundry is getting done, seth has a schedule, we've been able to do lots of activities, jer is happy, mommy is happy! it's overall been a grand decision.

here are a few things we've done the past few weeks:
gateway water fountains
ute game
bear lake
grape stomping/harvesting
liberty park carnival
tracy aviary
discovery gateway
ogden dinosaur park
downtown picture taking
lunches with family and friends
and my favorite, bike rides with sethy. i don't have any pics with him and me on the bike, but i'll post one with my mom and him. he loves to go for rides! he points at the garage and motions me to come over. i'll ask him, 'wanna go for a bike ride?' and he'll shout 'YAY!' and pat his head to motion putting on a helmet. love this slightly cooler weather!

before the weather gets too cool, i still want to make it to thanksgiving point gardens and let seth play in the liberty park fountains. anyone want to join?

here are some fun pictures:

us at the ute game! sethy loved the food, band, and company! we loved the tickets in the suite!


i don't know if i've mentioned this, but seth love Love LOVES his daddy! so sweet!

discovery gateway

ok, i HAD to get a pic of this kids hair! no one would have ever believed me if i told them! yeah, it's a boy. yeah, he has spikey hair AND a 2.5 foot ponytail. best of both worlds. magoo!

i think this is the ONLY shot i have of seth AND ruthy. i love that little girl!

music? sign this kid up!

seth and mom-mom on sunflower!! although he doesn't look it, he does, in fact, love to go for rides

ah, bear lake labor day weekend!

is this a little boys heaven or what!

seth, boston, and the boats! they had such a great time in the water

literally the second we got out of the car and made it to bear lake, seth was on his way to the lake! i couldn't stop him, so i joined him

gateway ice cream. where does he put it?!

seth and boston playin in the fountains... neither of them got wet like i expected. they were both too scared once the water shot up.
grape stomping was divine!
here is my gorgeous mommasita!

me! i actually didn't pick or stomp any grapes this time; just there for the photo op. yeah, i totally threw down the pregnancy card. judge me.

now here are some of the crew that actually did some work

so, the first year i did stomp and it was fun, for like 5 minutes. it's A LOT harder that it seems. just ask these fine ladies.

ok, now how great are these pictures!! the best photographer, Missy, took them and got them back to me the next day! no waiting for me!!!!

those baby blues melt me! i loved this photo session!
if you want to contact missy, let me know. she has a really great eye and gets as enthusiastic about the pictures as i do!

if you made it this far through my post, congrats! give yourself a hand!

well, that's the past few weeks in a nutshell. i wish i had pics of them at the ogden dino park, cause man, seth loved that!


Brooke :) said...

very cute pics! looks like you've been having a fun summer. I love seth's pics. where did you go to take them. I'm always trying to find some fun areas to take pics. :)

Sar n' Trav said...

Seth is seriously so stinking cute!!! I love the one of him eating the ice cream cone, and the one at the discovery gateway, and the one of all of you at the U game, and the one with those true baby blues, and the one of him laughing sitting against that awesome wall. Actually, I LOVE all of these pictures! You are good with the camera too Sar!
P.S. I seriously loved that grape stomping experience. So neat. So fun.

Ang said...

Very cute. I am glad you are loving being home. Seth needs you... But not Jer....Hahahaha

Tiffany said...

Ok I will take that as a hint that I need to get you the pictures from the dinosaur park :O) I will try and send those over to you in the next couple of days....he sure did love that place didn't he?

The Stone's said...

Best pictures ever! Seth is SO adorable. And so is his mother! You are so cute Sar and you look SO good! Way too good to be pregnant! Can you please give me your secret, because I never pull it off that well!

Lizzie Lou said...

Congratulations to me! Um where on earth did you acquire sunflower?? I'm so jealous and a little bitter I haven't had a ride.
Nothing could be finer than harvesting for winer!Can't wait for the next harvest!
I can't begin to express my love for you, your family, and your bloody cute blog and comments.
Love the Jerry cut for Jer and the magoo kid! You say what I'm thinking!