Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yard, Broncos, Bear River

On Saturday our yard was finished! can you believe how fast that was?! Jeremy went out of town on Monday and there was NOTHING and by Friday when he got home, it was nearly finished. Our workers were pretty much the bomb. they brought in an army!

Here are some pics for ya!

I really love it at night/evening when the lights come on! such a HUGE difference lighting makes! these pictures suck but you get the idea:

The boys were BEYOND excited for the yard! unfortunately, they can't play on the grass for 2 weeks. well, of course we had to let them, just once! i'm not a monster.
naked bum!!!
i don't think our neighbors have hardly seen my kids fully clothed. i seem to always catch the neighbors when my kids are half-naked. when they are fully clothed, we don't see a soul.

on sunday we went to our first ever professional football game! took the boys with us and had a riot! do you believe me? no? well, then you know me well. it sucked! the first 10 minutes were bearable but then i had the opportunity of chasing luke around for the next 3 quarters. we gave seth the iPad to play with so he was golden. the free food was a life saver, but i got the feeling that the other people in the room were non too pleased with luke putting his wee little fingers in every popcorn cup! and i'm sure the stinky diaper left in the bathroom was just icing on the cake for them all. paying for a babysitter next time will definitely be worth it.
we secretly cheered the 49ers
always in motion

sweetest face ever!
oh the innocence in his face

oh hell, and the walk back was HORRIBLE! jeremy had the pleasure of carrying TWO crying boys about a mile in 93 degree heat to the car. good times.

it was perfect timing for jeremy and i to go out of town... destination: bear river. man, it was gorgeous, too. i should have taken more pictures, but meh. jeremy went for a work retreat and i went to help the woman who planned it. i got gifts ready for each day to drop off in everyone's rooms. that was fun! i felt like santa! a pregnant santa who bring work-related branded gifts. yes, maybe a lesser santa, but a santa nonetheless. i also helped with meals, cleanup, etc, i get to actually PLAN the next retreat! also, getting ready to plan the christmas party! just need to find a good place to do it. ideas?

my room! i had it all. to. my. self. i didn't even room with jeremy, though i wish i would have cause i got scared/paranoid at night!
well played, trappers cabin. well played.

some team building games. that is jeremy's boss (aka Martin Short)

Jer had a bad string of luck. couldn't guess "Vet Office" or "Book Store"
last night i came home, even though i could have stayed another night. i just missed my boys!!!! so today, we play and catch up! Seth is working on the potty training HARD CORE! Thanks momma for the jump start to (hopefully) the final round of trying to get this done! pee is good... poo, we still have issues.

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