Thursday, August 23, 2012

Strawberry fields forever

After writing the name of the post, i realize that seth has a strawberry fields forever shirt that i didn't have him wear to the farm! what was i thinking?! how perfect would that little photo op have been. alas, to be honest, i didn't really know we would be spending the majority of the time picking strawberries or that we would be picking berries at all, for that matter. we went to an earthworms and soil day camp yesterday and there ended up being more strawberry picking and less earthworm playing. it was nice since i was able to get lukey in the class, too!

we started out by taking a hay ride to the strawberry patch.

each child had a 1/2 pint container to pick and fill with strawberries. i VERY QUICKLY learned that we were not dressed for the occasion properly. mainly, our shoe choice was very poor. they both wore closed-toe sandals, but knee socks and sneakers would have been a MUCH better choice! there were a gazillion stickers and pricklies -- my auto-correct is telling me that "pricklies" is not a word, but i am adamant that it is.  i ended up trying to carry both boys with the backpack on, whilst trying to keep the strawberries they had picked from falling. between that and the fact that i left the sim card to my camera in my computer at home, i was pretty bugged that first 1/2 hour or so.

once i found an aisle of strawberries with minimal pokies and got over the fact that i was going to have to use my phone for pictures, i began to have a lot of fun!

it kind of became a competition between all of the kids  moms who could get the best strawberries! i felt victorious when on the ride back other moms looked at our strawberries and said "wow, those are big! where did you find those?!" triumph! .... yep folks, that's how i get my kicks. i felt like i earned those big red strawberries, too!

back at the farm house, they had little activities set up. seth got to get some lettuce seeds and plant them in a muddy ball of soil to take home and plant.... which reminds me, we need to do that.

 luke just wanted to play in the mud and play with chickens. ALL of the kids were terrified of the chickens, roosters, and turkeys but lukey was ecstatic to see them! i mean, kind of obsessed. the teacher there told the kids "don't worry, i have never ever seen a chicken or a rooster attack anyone. they just attack each other". i kindly chose not to tell them about our dear friend Joe Pesci the rooster... RIP.

We also went to a room where they watched a video on soil and worms. did you know that it takes 400 years to make ONE INCH of top soil?! well, now you do. i'm sure you were aching to know that.

They also got to play in a big tub of soil and earth worms! luke was both excited and scared. lots of screaming from everyone. seth was just uninterested until i started bringing the worms to him, then he got super duper squirmish!

well, we came home and had a lovely lunch of strawberries. seth, who usually will not even try them, was so excited to eat the strawberries that he had picked. luke took one bite and spit it out. meh, more for me. they were the best strawberries i had ever had and i am sure it has nothing to do for all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into picking them. there were literally all three of those things!

the rest of the day was spend indoors. lots of coloring on giant paper our neighbor gave us.

also, lots and lots of MICRO MACHINES! i swear, if i step on one more of those damn things i am going to throw them all away! or, if one more child steps on one and starts crying i am going to freak. i kind of have a love/hate relationship with them... yes, the micro machines. they keep the boys entertained for hours but there are always tears.

we also had a fun time watching the workers on the yard! yes, we got approval! the only thing is i need to change 2 trees in the back because apparently having a 40 foot tree would be "bad". any suggestions on smaller shade trees that grow quickly. i need to get on that asap!
thanks luke. nice touch!
"i veeeeery patient, mom"

the cement is poured and stamped. i think today they are going to stain it. it's coming along SO nicely! hoping we will have a yard by the weekend!!!!
future fire pit location

well folks, that is all.... I'm sure just the grandparents are reading by now :) love you guys!

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