Monday, November 8, 2010

halloween week


update time! and what a perfect day to reminisce the glorious past couple weeks! could the weather have been any more perfect? seriously. seth and i have been loving our days outside! i'm pissed that snow weather is amongst us, but i can't be too upset since we were able to enjoy freaking near 70's weather in november! im also lucky because seth and i have a pass to the treehouse museum (thanks tiff) and a connection to discovery gateway (thanks sarah), so i'm sure we'll still be busy :) i get SO stir crazy if i don't have plans! i say, once a week not having anything planned is great, but more than that and i go bonkers! ok, just realized this makes me sound like a brat, but i honestly, more than anything, feel bad for SETH when we stay home or don't have anyone over. i am so LAME!! i feel like he just looks at me and goes 'ok, so..... ummm, what next lame-o?'i need to get over that, though, since baby #2 is nearing and we aint gonna do nuttin for a few weeks. poor seth and his insecure mother!

well, here is a mini update of our past week via storyboard... something new i'm trying. i think before my pics took over, but maybe that was a good thing? i think this way presents everything in a concise way and looks pretty.... but the pics may be too small for the grandparents eyes to see. lemme know :) i think if you click on the pic it will take you to a screen where it is larger. i know my mom is blind, so that may help mumsy!
here we are at wheeler farm! cousin paula was in town! seth loved following her around and chasing geese and chickens! we took a hay ride, played in a treehouse, went through a "corn" maze, chose pumpkins, and really had just an awesome time! i havent been there since elementary!! i remember going every year at good ol carl sandburg, but haven't been since. i will DEFINITELY be going back! i think they have a winter 'thing' that goes on there. we'll have to bundle up and check it out!
a couple days later we went to the zoo with all the cousins and morgie, seth's 'adopted' cousin, as well as grandma denise, grandma free, and marsha. seth and i couldn't stay long, but long enough for me to be totally exhausted! seriously, that place is SOOOO hilly! my legs felt the burn! oh, and we didn't leave before i showed seth the tigers! he carried his plastic tiger that whole time and kept saying 'rawr!' at everyone. at one point, boston had enough and got a little freaked out by seth's antics and started saying 'scared!'.... in the top left pic you can see seth with his tiger while looking at the tiger through the glass. i also got some cute pics of him kissing the glass... come to think of it, that's not the most sanitary thing to kiss. meh, it made his day :)

on halloween weekend, we had a jolly time. first, we did pumpkins for the first time since we've been married. jer was an overachiever and did the spiderweb. i did the owl on the tree which looked more like...well.... not like that. seth was not interested in helping like we thought :( maybe next year.

for dress-up, seth went as a monkey!!! he wore the same costume last year, but if you don't recall, it was SO HOT last halloween and seth only put it on long enough for a picture or two. this year we took him to jer's work at mrs fields to do trick-or-treating around the office. side note: jer's new office is SOOOOOO coool! the have, in the middle of the office i mind you, 3 tv's set up in a triangle coming from the ceiling and couches in a circle around it, 2 ping pong tables, pool table, fooseball table, playstation 3 and xbox station with cool chairs to sit in, yogurt machines, cookies, soda fountain, and the ceo got 200 soft balls to leave around the office for people to just throw at eachother!! it's nuts!.... ok, where was i... well, seth had a great time being cooed by all the women that work there, eating cookies, and playing with the other kids. not a fan of the monkey hat, however.

for halloween saturday we went with jer's cousins to trick or treat. it was miserable! cold! wet! not fun out there. jer ended up taking seth, but i guess seth wasn't interested in going to get candy, just being with the kids.... so, jer didn't get anything out of it. it was so funny seeing all the kids who were brave enough to trick or treat because you couldnt tell what anyone was! everyone had their big rain coats on or under their costumes! i remember halloweens like that, and i hated them! my princess dresses didn't look that wonderful being worn over the overstuffed coat my mom would make me wear! bah!

well, cheerio!

ps, i decided not to do a psa on ugly fake spiderweb decorations and poorly hung icicle lights. i felt too bad. meh.


the petersons said...

I love the storyboard! Where do you get those templates? And Seth is definitely the cutest monkey I ever did see. :) And if you ever find a week where you have more than one day with nothing planned... you could call us for a playdate! :)

Sar n' Trav said...

I love the pictures! How do you DO that?? Seth is the cutest monkey ever!!! Seriously, I have seen many monkeys! You shouldn't feel bad about the fake cobwebs or icicles. But I will let you know, I thought twice about it this year before I picked some up! I didn't get them... :) Loves you!

Lizzie Lou said...

The only reason I even read this blog was so i could read the well thought out rant on spiderwebs and icicle lights!! I was so looking forward to seeing it in writing!! You lured me here under false pretenses