Monday, February 14, 2011

from the mouths of babes

disclaimer: long post! me so talky! also, seth and luke are pretty long-winded in here as well :)

i always think of pictures as almost living memories. i LOVE to go back and look at pictures of milestones. pictures also help me live in the moment. they remind me of how special the little things are. i love to look back and not even remember the event, but something insignificant about that day or about the stage seth was at. the little things. i hate the thought of forgetting something that happened or the way someone looked on a special day, so i make sure to take my camera everywhere with me! i lug that badboy everywhere.

well, a terrible thing happened yesterday... in my attempt to get better at taking pictures i've been doing tutorials online trying to figure out my camera and photoshop. i also started playing with my camera. taking pictures with different settings. figuring out what certain symbols mean. trying to change shutter speed. etc. a lot of trial and error. yesterday i had a doosy of an error! the format button looked oh so appealing. i pushed it. bad idea. VERY bad idea. i instantly knew it, too. i hit cancel, Cancel, CANCEL! but it was too late. my 180 pictures i had on my camera were gone for good. goodbye adorable pictures of seth and luke in matching outfits for their uncle's wedding. goodbye the past 2 weeks of luke growing up so much. goodbye pictures of seth with a box on his head trying to steal my cookies. goodbye first trip to the movie theater. i had such a pit feeling in my stomach. jeremy thought i was being silly, but i REALLY wanted to cry. really. you guys should have seen seth at the wedding. i have never seen him look so adorable and the setting was perfect! ahhhh, now i'm working myself up again. well, lesson learned: do not just push buttons on your camera, save them onto the computer as soon as you can, and... well, those are the only 2 lessons i can think of but VERY important!

i decided that with the milestone of 2 months and 2 years, i would have the boys type the happenings, likes/dislikes in their own words:

SETH at 2 years

"my favorite foods are pizza, mcdonalds cheeseburgers, cookies, candy, and anything else my mom really doesn't want me to eat. she usually says no, but i always put on my seth charm and say 'wheeeeeeeeth!' and get the goods. she's a sucker. i'm good though, i also eat nutritional food, too. i love eggs, green beans, oranges, and bananas especially. i mostly try anything, unless one of my favorite naughty foods is in front of me, too :)

"i still have a water bottle at night and love to have three or more binkies at all times. it's more of a comfort thing at this point. i like to put the green soothie binkies on my fingers when i'm tired and pop them off... it helps keep me awake when that pesky mother of mine is trying to lull me to sleep. i'm starting to think that the water bottle is a little much. i definitely don't request it as much, but it's still nice to have. "i sit in my playroom most of the days. i come out occasionally to request food or try to soothe my baby bro when he's crying. i give the best love pats on his tummy and i love to rub his head for good luck. i'm pretty much a baby whisperer. and he's a good looking baby; everyone says he looks just like i did at that age. go figure.
"while in my playroom i love to watch pixar movies like cars and toy story 3. sometimes i'll get adventurous and watch the incredibles or lion king. oh, and i found this new AWESOME show! it's called "The Upside-Down Show" and it is HI-larious! these two kookie Ozzies play pretend and i just laugh and laugh at their shenanigans! it comes on right before my bedtime and is a must-see for anyone.

"right now i'm totally into my train table i got from this santa fellow. it's the bomb dot com, as my mom likes to say. i love trains! and cars! and mini guys! i'm really good at making my guys have voices and talk to eachother. mostly i like to have one attack the other, fly through the air, ride on trains, and so on. riveting stuff. my mom says i have a great imagination; whatever that means. she tries to watch me, and i pretend that i don't see her and then i REALLY ham it up. oh, i'm so witty. i love to show off my wittiness with other kids my age, like cousins Boston and Morgie. i try to get in some playtime with others as much as i can. not a fan of this "sharing" thing, but i'm working on it. i'm really good at sharing other people's toys, though! surely that counts for something.

"i have this social laugh i just developed. it's not a real laugh, but if i think someone else is trying to be funny i'll go "ha ha ha" really loud so they think i think they are funny. just doing my part to save everyone's self esteem.

"another favorite pastime of mine would be dancing, definitely. it's all i would do if i could. i love my mom to put on the speakers and dance with me. i don't like to dance alone and if she sits down, there will be hell to pay in the form of a tantrum. oh, and when she spins me, that is just the bees knees! i've got some moves you've never seen before! waBAM!

"bathtime is also the shiznit! seriously! so much fun!

"Now, onto my talking. i'm getting better. i know what i want and i say what i want, but sometimes my mom just DOESNT GET IT! for example, the other day after my nap, all i wanted was a blanket! I kept saying "blanket. Blanket!" but my mom would just say "Way? Way? What's way?" Hello! what was she smoking! that was a bad day. the next day i pointed to a blanket and said blanket! She looked as if she had an epiphany and said "OOOOH 'Wai' is 'Blanket'!" i don't know what this "Wai" crap is cause i was clearly saying "blanket". oh well, as long as she understands it now i'm all good.

"Some other things i say a lot are just random letters. i see words and i like to shout out the letters i think make it up. for example, i see the word 'iron man' on my mom's pj shirt and start spouting out "O!" "I!" "R!" etc... i'm getting there. oh, and i love numbers. i can count to 3 like it's nobodies business... then i like to say some random numbers after that "1 2 3 9 5 6 7" just to see if mommy is paying attention.

"oooh, i have to brag! yesterday at the pediatricians office he said i have the intelligence of AT LEAST a 2 and a half year old! he pointed to colors and i told him what they were and he was VERY impressed! i know most basic colors and can say them, but sometimes need some probing. i also am mad good at animal noises. you wouldnt even know the difference! oh, and my dinosaur rawr is oscar worthy!! i can even fool my mom and dad! i like to pretend i'm a dinosaur and chase them around! you should see the look of terror on their faces! the nincompoops really think i've transformed into a dinosaur. i am soooo good.

"lastly, i would like to declare that i am a ladies man. i could charm the pants off just about anyone. the lady at the dentist office yesterday practically begged me to stay with her. she was all holding me and like 'he's adorable! he's the cutest!' and then gave me presents! oh, the power i hold in this charming, yummy face of mine.

"well, luke is dying to tell you about his first 2 months, so i'll give the floor to him:"

LUKE at 2 months:
"hi, everyone. i came into this world a little rocky. i was, what they call, a stargazer; meaing i was face up. apparently that's not the easiest was to come out; gave my mom quite the time. after about 12 hours being stuck in the birth canal i heard the word 'C-section' and knew it was time to relinquish my position in there.

"my mom says i was a beautiful newborn. meh, i think we all look like aliens, but whatever.

"the first few weeks my mom nursed me AND gave me this nasty thing called formula about once a day. it was like punishment! it made me all gassy and throw-uppy and stuff. i was not a happy camper and my mom could not figure out what it was! hmmmm, genius, could it be that i'm lactose intolerant like you were as a baby!!!??!! it only took her like 3 weeks to figure that one out. once i was off formula, she says i was a completely different baby. i sleep 5 to 6 hours a night, which i guess is pretty good. already caught up to my big bro sethy.

"speaking of seth, that kid is constantly up in my grill. i cry and he comes running in and hitting my tummy like it's a piece of play dough. what the crap. my mommy tries to be nice and get him off me, but i also think she thinks it's cute. well, i'll just grin and bear it. i think i like this kid. i have a feeling seth and i will be great buddies. he does, after all, give the best hugs and is always reassuring me that everything is ok "it ok, it ok". i love to just stare at him. next to the ceiling fan, he is the most interesting thing to look at.

"after the formula 'incident' i rewarded my mom with smiles!

"i've discovered my voice and like to coo and babble in the mornings and throughout the day. i also like to swing and look at the stars on it. my favorite place to be is definitely in my mommy's Moby sling. it's like i'm right back in the womb! it'll calm me down like nobodies business!

i'm already a world traveler. i've been to hawaii! everyone thought my mom was crazy, but i did so well! the plane's engine put me right to sleep the whole way both ways! oh, and let me tell you about this warm weather they have there! heaven. purely heaven. i hope it gets warmer here someday.

"ok, went to the doctor yesterday, and i don't mean to brag, but i'm kind of a big deal. he called me 'master luke'... i don't know the reference, but it has a nice ring to it. i forgive him for the shots.

"well, i'm 2 months but weigh as much as an average 4 month old. the line of where i am weight wise is off the charts, along with my head size. mommy needs to go shopping for warm clothes for me... the only clothes i fit into are 3-6 month and all the clothes from seth at that age are summer attire. brrrrr!!!! so, yeah, i'm a chunk. i'll embrace it. afterall, it IS the ONLY time in my life when being chubby is considered cute.

"that's all i have for now. there would be more pics of me but my mom deleted them like a moron. if you guys would like, my brother and i can write on here again sometime to let you know what's up in our world."


The Stone's said...

Oh Sarah! That is sad about the pictures! But I love how you wrote this. Very entertaining and so cute! Such cute baby boys you have!

melly said...


I love it, Sarzie girl!!!

I was feeling all, I'm feeling all happy!


Sar n' Trav said...

Favorite blog ever! I could totally hear them saying those things. You are such a great Mom! And that sucks about the camera :( there must be some way to retrieve them??!! I am impressed you didn't cry, because I would have. Keep blogging!!! Seth and Luke!

the petersons said...

I, too love the way you wrote this. Love it! And I want to cry for you about the pictures. That happened to me once and I think I really did cry... :(