Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Header!

I am SOOOO excited! Do you guys like my new header!?! well, I made it! my freakin awesome husband got me a a bamboo tablet as a surprise. and let me tell you.... it. is. sweet! i'm obsessed!! there's a software program it came with that let's me paint, mix colors, watercolor, draw, etc and i can choose what type of canvas it's on (ex: linen, pavement, handmade, etc). it is incredible what they can do with computers! then, i just use this "pen" and draw on the tablet and it's really like doing art with real paint, only without the mess!

i think i am going to start a new blog that is going to be public... just to express a little creativity and crafts, and stuff. nothing personal. i have some necklaces i made that i want to put on there. i know, i'm lame, but it really helps to have a creative outlet. it helps my sanity. serious. since i've been more actively creating things, i've found that i am so much more happy! i call it naptime crafting. anyway, that blog should be up shortly. maybe during tomorrow's happy nappy.

bye! goin to din din now.


melly said...

Sarzie!!! Amazing!!! You are so talented girlie!!!!
Loves you! Mums

Brooke :) said...

very cute - I'm very impressed! :)

The Stone's said...

That is awesome! I've never even heard of it, but I'm sure even if I had there's no way I would be smart or talented enough to figure it out! I'm a fan of the new blog. That would be awesome! Yay Sarah! Love new toys!

the petersons said...

Naptime Crafting!! That's it! I know this sounds lame but it is seriously as though you took the thoughts straight from my head! I have been trying my hand at so many different crafting and other creative things lately. It really does relax me and make me happier. I'm so excited to see your new blog!