Monday, March 28, 2011

"haieer dow"

i just sent a lot of invites to the blog and i'm sure i also resent. i just get a lot of people asking me to send them the link, or to send them an invite, or resend so i did a whole bunch via my address book. mom, just save as favorites and stay logged in or click "follow" or something. i dunno :) welcome, if you haven't been here before!

so, it's been a while since i've written about the boys. they have been pretty sick these past few weeks. in fact, i had to take seth into the doctor for something other than a well-check for the first time EVER! my little guy is so resilient, but this one was a doosy! seth had been mr grumpy for a few days, then one day he just slept the WHOLE day and was starting to get a fever. of course, jer was out of town golfing in florida at "Saw Wass" as Seth likes to say (aka Sawgrass). Anyway, that night was awful! he cried most the night and the next day, when i was at a funeral, my mom called to say that seth was on the floor screaming that his ear hurt! i talked with denise, and she said i really needed to get him into an instacare asap. well, i ended up calling his pediatricians office and they were able to get him in later that night. they just told me to give him benadryll, which i thought was kinda mean, but whatever. that's a whole other story. when he got in, he met with a different doctor who said he had two eye infections, a sinus infection, and an ear infection! ahhh! my poor baby! as soon as i found out, i felt SO guilty for being annoyed with him a few days earlier. he was just not feeling well! i should have known that for my usually-always-happy boy to be grumpy, something must be going on. well, we got his meds and he was starting to do better within a few days. he still has a cough, but it's not bad.

luke, on the other hand, is dealing with a pretty bad cough right now. really bad at night, when he gets coughing fits. last night was the 6th night in a row he's coughed so much he's puked all over! days, however, are just fine.

well, i have some funny little anecdotes about seth to share. the past few weeks he has turned into the hair nazi! just towards me, though! the first day, he kept saying "haieer dow! haieer dow!" i was like, whaaa? i took my hair out of the ponytail, he looked at me and said "tanks!" then walked away. since then, the same thing anytime my hair is up. he doesn't care that it looks like a rats nest down, he wants it DOW! so, um, yeah... been dealing with that little thing. if you see me a lot, you know i love to wear my hair in a ponytail... helps hide the greasiness when i don't wash it. don't judge.

luke has really come alive these last weeks. so smiley! SO smiley!

awake a lot more during the day, too. so much fun watching him and seth interact. he just adores seth... he'll search him out in a room. seth equally loves him, almost too much. luke cannot be without a binky, according to seth. luke will have to be screaming before seth realizes, "hmm, maybe he doesn't wast this". luke is starting to put things to his mouth. this morning, i put a bottle in his hands while i was getting seth ready and luke held onto it and drank the whole thing! i LOVE when they can do that!

jer has been working a lot, but a few times last week he got to come home when it was still daylight! woo hoo! love that! he was able to golf at sawgrass for a couple days, and the week before he spend in las vegas. i went with him, but stayed in st george with the boys for a week. lovely break from the cold, but it was still pretty nippy down there. this weekend jer spent it helping his brother build a headboard for their bed and he also got a workbench for his garage and installed that. it looks really nice! oh, and he got to use his snowblower, which in our household, is a really big deal! he LOVES it!

the most fun thing that has happened was our anniversary! 5 years! whoa! where has the time gone? isn't that what you're suppose to say? well, it was the most awesome anniversary EVER! best part was that it was all a surprise from jeremy! he arranged everything, even babysitters! he took me to flemmings (don't order anything that says "market" for price! what market are they shopping at!!?) best meal ever! we rolled out of there and then we stayed at the grand america. loved it!! gorgeous room! the next morning, we had the sunday brunch there! holy crap! a MUST before you die! seriously, the best meal i have ever had. ever! and i have eaten at hell's backbone grille... this was even better! i mean, lobster, sushi, crepes, FRESH orange juice, smoothies, imported cheese table, like 20 different kinds of bread, i could go on and on and on! i didn't even want to think about the calorie consumption. probably a weeks worth, easy. my favorite part was the jazz band they had there. loved them! they were playing songs by rihanna "love the way you lie" and i think they played "sex on fire" and some really current stuff, but it was all jazz. i didn't even realize that they were songs i knew until i really listened. it was, in the words of miley cyrus "pretty cool". jer said MAYBE he would take me back for our 10 year! i'm counting down the days!

i have been trying to be productive and get seth and luke's rooms decorated. i will post something on blue duck when i have them finished. i also have, like, 12 picture frames hung on the walls throughout the house that i need to put pictures of people i actually know, and not the pictures they came with, in them. it's been like 5-6 weeks and i just haven't gotten around to it.

ok, that's all for now. here are a few pictures from the past couple weeks, or so. you know, gotta please the grandparents :) cheerio!

jer teaching seth how to roll down a hill:

the attempt

by big boys. luke now is even big enough to play in his saucer! i use the term "play" very lightly.


Candace said...

Thanks for the invite to your blog, cute boys. My blog is if you want to check it out. It isn't private.
Take care, Candace Hull
*We need to get together to make hairbows again, or you can just make them for me, he he!

Sar n' Trav said...

Love Love love you and your boys! I have so much to say, but I hope to be able to tell you in person, soon :) Haiw Dow!!! Funniest thing I have seen in a long time!