Tuesday, April 5, 2011

poo bath scurrred


just wanted to say that i am feeling good. just realizing more and more how much i love my little family. i'm getting twitterpated!

seth is starting to get, like, REALLY funny. i love it! the other day, for instance, he came out into the living room with a box on his head and he was playing the banjo! i so wish i had a picture to share. he does it all the time, though, so i'm sure i'll get one. the day before that he came into the living room with a different box on his head and a car that plays music. he put the car on the ground, turned on the music, put the box back on his head, and started jamming out! he so loves to dance, entertain, and be the center of attention! i just love him so much. how in the world was i so blessed to have such an awesome child!? seriously? i am SO blessed!

i have to remind myself how awesome he is when i have days like the other day: seth was in the tub playing with his toys and just started SCREAMING bloody murder! he was terrified of something and wanted out of the tub, like, now! he tried to get out himself and was hanging over the edge crying. i had no idea what it could be. i thought maybe a spider, since he just developed a fear of those little crawlers. i looked in, and this is what i found:
i just sat there holding seth in his robe and staring. not knowing what to do, i just stared for like 5 minutes. then, i called my mom. she just laughed and laughed. not too funny at the time, i grabbed a plastic bag and got all the floaters i could and then drained the tub and went to lunch with my mom. at lunch, seth just kept saying "poo bath, scurred" . poor traumatized kid. bless his heart. well, needless to say, the bath toys now live at the dump and i have the cleanest, most sterilized tub on the block. a few days later, and seth is still talking about how he was scared when he pooped in the tub.

then, there's luke! so, not only do i have one awesome, easygoing child, but then a SECOND one?! too good to be true. i was so expecting luke to be difficult, but he is even more easygoing than seth was! and such a chunk! i just want to eat up him wittle rolls on him thighs, yes i do! (that last sentence was said in baby talk in my head). he is an awesome napper and he self soothes himself extremely well. he would probably be even better, if i let him, but i like to feel needed. it fills a void.

another thing i am so grateful for is how they are together. i know it's early, but i really am seeing a special bond between them. i can't explain it, since i was SO not like that with my little brother, but it is so incredible and so much fun to watch.

i also feel like i want to express my gratitude for jeremy. he's the man. he really is. i am in awe of what a fantastic father he is! i don't know if he reads this or not, but i wanted to put that out into the universe. he said something funny to me, he said that it's like we are two people who used to date running a daycare... so true, but there is no one else i would rather run this daycare with than with my best friend.

also love him for dealing with all the little dumb things i do. there are MANY! for instance, this morning i got our whole family ready for pictures at 9 am. it was quite an ordeal getting out the door that early and on time. i am always 30 minutes late to everything so it was very triumphant when we made it out only a few minutes late. well, i checked the calendar again and  pictured arent until TOMORROW morning. oops! i wish this sort of thing was rare, but sadly, it isn't. jer has to make fun of me, but he is so quick to get over it and has also learned to be very good at reminding me of things over, and over, and over again. in think i am very book smart, but i am also very spacey! i remember my dance teacher in high school saying to me, ' i didn't know you were smart!?' after she saw my grades and classes i was taking. i guess i don't come across as intelligent?

ok, also want to point out my killer music to your right! these are a few of my favorite things! i love, love, love these songs! i'm so in the mood for spring and here comes the sun is just perfect! but have a listen to "cold wind"... my favorite song in the whole wide world! haunting and beautiful.

i've been working on getting the nursery, playroom, and seth's room all decorated. i know, i m such a procrastinator! it just hasn't been very high on my list of things to do a- because it's not like luke even sleeps in his nursery, b- when people come over we usually stay out of that side of the house, and c- i've just had no motivation... until now since Luke's blessing is this sunday so we're gonna have some peeps over. really, for jer and i, having a party is the ONLY way we get things done on the house. if i want something done, i just plan a get together with friends and jer gets right on it! haha, well, now my secret is out. so, anyone reading this, luke's blessing will be sunday, april 10th at 11:00. it's the church west off of redwood on 1100 north. 

hope to see you there and i hope it turns out to be a beautiful day!

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