Wednesday, April 27, 2011

eggs-elent easter

ok, so i know the title of this post is waaaaay lame. i HATE giving posts a title. hate it. i think i am just going to make them as lame as possible. puns? bring 'em on!

well we had such a lovely easter season. in salt lake, it's been super wet and cold, but even then, seth has been having a good time outside.

there were a couple great days sprinkled in there. sucker days -- make you think the weather is going to be great from now on, and then BAM, we get another crapper! we made sure to take advantage of those days and went on many walks to the park.

 i've been trying my hand at this whole cookie decorating thing. it's really a lot of fun! easter is the perfect holiday for making and decorating sugar cookies... we'll see how interested i am in it when there's no holiday to decorate for. wait, mother's day is coming up, huh? maybe i'll try to add sticks in them and make sugar cookie bouquets? eh? we'll see, but that would be cool if it works! here are some fun easter cookies i made:
blue ducks! ok, not my finest work. actually, i hate how these turned out. they tasted good- i made them with wheat flour!
love how these little chicks in eggs turned out!
lukey is just as expressive as ever. he's really loving his feet right now. he is just so sweet. really, just a sweet-natured baby boy.
we did a fun easter egg hunt at my aunt stephanie's house, and it was so great! the weather couldn't have been more perfect. it was seth's first real egg hunt, and he was a great hunter! my cousin libby was seth's best bud that day. she and her friend helped him find eggs so mommy could take pictures and it was pure love from there on. at one point, libby wanted to go play with her friend and seth would not have any of that! if she went, seth went, too! he does this funny arm swinging thing when he wants you to come with him, and libby got a lot of that and a few 'mere! mere!' (come here's)

sweet libby helping out!
ewe, i thought no one liked malted eggs. they were always the worst to get in my basket and i assumed they were more of a filler, but seth loves them!
earlier that day, i got to do my sister-in-laws' makeup for prom! ah, brings me back! they looked so beautiful

 they are beautiful girls!

for easter, we drove to st george. it was so much fun!! the weather was divine. not too hot, not too cold. we made sure to go on many many walks, and seth didn't let me forget, either. one time i panicked and couldn't find him! where was he? in the garage sitting in his stroller going 'walk! walk!' 
we had to keep a close eye on sethy. with all of his little cousins going in and out of the house, there were too many scary 'where is seth!!!??' moments for my liking. you know those moments when your blood goes cold and you are just certain that the worst has happened... ah, the worst. 

we blew lots of bubbles! 2 containers worth! we also flew seth's new kite. i don't know who loved it more, seth or jeremy! they had such a blast! there was a lot of running to keep it up, since the wind was a little in the lacking department. 

nothing sweeter than this!

father and son... sharin' a moment

awe, lukester!

oh my gosh, favorite moment was when we were flying it on the golf course and the sprinklers came on!!! seth flipped!!! like an awesome mom, i sat there and took pictures of the terror. he then lost his crocs and was just miserable! daddy to the rescue. don't worry, if there hadn't been other people there to help, i would have saved him. but, there WERE people, so i was snapping away!

just going along, having a great time, then.....

freaked out! and losing his first shoe... poor guy! but kinda funny, right?

daddy came to save the day! mean mommy.
this trip was especially fun because jer's grandparents just bought another house in the same neighborhood and it has a pool and hot tub INSIDE! it is soooo cool! the hot tub, when you push a button, will flow into the pool like a waterfall! grandma denise was great by watching the boys a few nights so jer and i could go relaaaaaaaax in the hot tub. loved it! this house is gorgeous, too! there's a palm tree growing INSIDE the house! the spiral staircase goes around it! i should have taken a picture, because it is so neat. yes, i used the word 'neat'.

seth enjoyed another egg hunt with the cousins and then another one easter morning. we had fun decorating them the night before. we only hid 8 eggs and i wish we would have done more because seth just loved it. he kept saying 'more eggs, more eggs'. we told him he could keep looking, but there weren't anymore. so, he put his hands up to his eyes like binoculars, but didn't find anymore:( next year we'll do more, for sure.

his basket was maybe kind of lame. my bad. we never celebrated easter like it was christmas. we did the easter egg thing, and had a basket with little fun toys and candy. well, that's not was jer was expecting! he thought when i said i would take care of the basket that i would get toys and more play things. after seth opened the easter crackers i made out of toilet paper rolls and filled with candy, jer just said, 'never again. seth, sorry you got gypped!' he has so much stuff, he really didn't need more STUFF. am i right?!

yes, mom. i stuck in those chicks you gave the boys. i regifted a gift that wasn't mine to the same person.   

we didn't get luke anything, but i don't think he cared one iota. 


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Britt said...

Your family is so cute! I just can't believe we're all grown up with kids of our own. Look at us! Being all responsible and stuff! It's crazy!