Saturday, April 30, 2011

lukesters blessing

i'm a tad behind on posting this. meh. better late than never. it's the thought that counts. don't sweat the small stuff. stay calm and carry on.... and every other little saying you can think of.

the blessing went so well! luke and seth were so well behaved! no crying from either of them the whole day... at least not while people were around. 

luke's blessing was wonderful. jeremy's grandpa blessed him, as he also did for seth. his grandpa dave means so much to jeremy and i, and it meant a lot to us that he would bless the boys. my favorite part of the blessing was when he mentioned the friendship and bond he and seth would have. that is my #1 wish as they grow up! i want them to be the best of friends and i am doing everything in my power to make that happen. so far, so good. they are awesome brothers and  i can already see a strong bond forming. 

after the sacrament meeting, we did the usual and all met up at our house for some treats and socializing. we have such WONDERFUL friends and family! wonderful! i got SO many calls from people asking what they could bring and if they could help. we ended up with so much food... and it was all so good!

luke was asleep for most of the socializing. by the time he woke up for pictures, most of the people had already left. that was ok, though. i really wanted to get his picture taken with jeremy and his grandpa dave, since i totally forgot to with seth and it's made it to my list of things i regret. 

i also go some cute pics of luke with my grandpa and kris, jer's grandma, my cousins, and seth. wish i could have gotten more with everyone who came, but luke was a sleepy head!

liz had the camera for a few minutes and got one lovely shot of me... the only one of the day.

later in the day, we thought tiger was going to win the golf tournament! that would have been amazing. he came close, but no cigar. it was really a lot of fun just hanging out afterwards and watching golf with the grandparents. 

thanks to everyone for helping make the day so special. we are so blessed to have such an amazing family and support system! we loved spending the day with those we love and celebrating the newest member of our family.

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the petersons said...

So cute! I am in love with Seth's suit! And I so know what you mean about the list of regrets. There are so many pictures I missed with Hayden that I almost feel guilty about get them of Lily. But oh well, at least we have memories right? :)