Wednesday, June 1, 2011

warmer, warmer... colder, colder, colder... warmer

i have to start with a rant. HELLO!?! can it be consistently warm already? there. i'm finished. join me in july where you will most definitely hear me comment about how hot it is.
a couple saturdays ago was heaven, though! oh my gosh, we spent the whole day outside and LOVED every minute of it! jer and seth got a load of soil to add to the flower beds and then we planted lots of flowers... mostly wave petunias. they're suppose to be really hard to kill and grow really well. we'll see. i'm loving how things are looking out front. if i can keep those flowers alive and they do some growing, it should be beautiful.

a few flowers in the garden

so glad i didn't pull these little guys. i thought they were weeds when they first popped up. didn't remember planting them. the only problem with perennials.
maybe this time next year you will see a picture of a pergola out front. maybe. here's to dreamin' big! seriously though, i saw a pergola at costco and i was like, 'oh, it must be a good price' WRONG! it was like $4 grand! goo! i'll start saving my change :)
grow petunias.... GROW!

my artistic interpretation of the possibilities

oh, maybe next year we could do window boxes! and hanging succulent baskets! still haven't joined pinterest! oh, you are missin out, my friend!

seth was so cute with all the help he was giving. it actually created more work for jer and i, but it was so worth it to watch him help! he's such a sweet little guy. and luke, well, luke is always so sweet. chris came over to watch luke while we worked in the yard. a big shout out to chris!

the back yard is also feelin mighty fine. love me some quakies. they're cheap and they are the best growers! our first year we were here we bought kinda pricey trees like double-weeping cherries (twice as sad) and flowering pears, but they all died on us! no thanks to that gopher! these quakies are thriving, so we decided to plant even more. maybe gophers don't like quaky roots? hmmm, i'll google it. the goal is to have a full tree barrier for shade and privacy.

as you can see, we got rid of the backyard flower beds since A) i never weeded them and we had TONS of weeds, and B) i never really got to planting many flowers. overall, i didn't take care of the back flower beds. pretty red rocks to the rescue! now, just to keep those little boys from throwing them into the grass.

here is a link of a pretty cool vertical garden thing that i think would totally rock in the back yard:

speaking of, those two boys (seth and boston) had the best time the other day playing out back in the water table grandma tiffany and grandpa harry got seth. they LOVED it!

i also conned them into watering my potted trees while i sat back and got tan then red.

more days like that and my winter blues will be melted away!

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the petersons said...

Oh if only our yard could look as good as yours... I guess it's on its way. We'll see... :) If not I'll just hold out for my next house. :) But seriously, your yard and house look so good!