Friday, June 24, 2011

love me some perg

this week has been a riot! i love spending time at my parents' house in the summer, and this week did not disappoint. jer jer spent the week building a pergola for my dad for father's day (how lucky am i to have my hub take care of it for me?). he and my brother were hard at work every evening and the ending result was amazing! it is so perfect and looks like a dream. i can't wait to watch the vines grow up and around it year after year. here is the weeks progress. jer is going tomorrow to add the finishing touches, but you can get the idea.

while they've been doing all the hard work on the perg, the boys and i have been hard at play in the yard. here are a load of pics from the week:

ok, maybe that was an overload? yes? well, that's just how great the week was. i couldn't limit the pictures! i just couldn't. any who could enjoy the first week of summer without a trip to the pool? we went to grandma tiffany's pool and it was a blasty blast. luke's first pool adventure, if you can believe it. he was a natural.

that's all for the week. tune in next time.


Ang said...

What fun you are having. Love the pictures. Miss you all. Love Angie

the petersons said...

That perg really is a bute! Good job Jeremy! And I've said it before and I'll say it again and again! I love your boys! They are so fun... and handsome! :)