Monday, June 13, 2011

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warning! unless you are a grandparent, you will most likely be bored. you've been warned! enjoy.
i thought it should be about time to do a wee update on the boys and their milestones/cute-things-they-do. we'll start with seth.

seth is the light of the room. seriously, he walks into a room and it instantly lights up. he knows that he's funny, oh yes, he knows. 
he's also very confident. if you saw his walk, you would know what i'm talking about. it's more of a "determined strut"

here are some things he says, loves and loves to do and other funny things:
-going to the park. any park. he will ask me all day!
-water. water. water!
-drawing... especially drawing trains. he will beg and beg me to draw him a train. "seth bain!"
-he is kind of freaked out about germs. if something touches the floor or if i make mention about germs, he won't have anything to do with it
-instead up "out" seth says "wout". he wants "wout tub". down came the rain to wash the "pider wout"
-my personal favorite saying is "one minute mom!" as he holds up one finger. i wonder who he's heard that from?
-"more more" is what he says when he wants one more of something. he holds up his finger and repeatedly points it up
-he's scared of owls and thunder clouds. not real owls. not real thunder clouds. just ones that are on tv. cartoon owls and thunder clouds. he also likes to play the run-away-from-the-pretend-owl-in-my-play-room game. 
-at least once a day he turns on the music in the house and dances with me. he's a dancin fool. break dancing is his specialty.
-if something is little, it is "whool". Ex: Luke is a "whool" baby
-if he wants to throw something, he holds it over his head and says "higher?"
-instead of up, seth says "pup". i think this is because i used to always sing the yo gabba gabba song "up up up up up-up down down down down down-down" it kind of makes "up" sound like "pup"
-he's entering the beige food stage. i hate this stage and must free him from it! 
-he loves to build things. towers, castles, train tracks, anything! blocks are his best friend.... next to
-toy cars! oh my gosh, he could just hoard them everywhere he goes. he likes to get so many that it's impossible for him to physically do anything else. this is the point where he starts getting frustrated that he can't eat or hold anything else. it's also amusing when he's got his arms full of cars and he wants to pick up one more. he reaches down and loses one as he picks the car up. this just turns into a cycle of frustration.
-he knows his colors, shapes, and can count to 13 unassisted and 20 assisted. we're working on the alphabet, and he can recognize some letters in words and on cereal boxes, etc.
-loves his grandparents! all of them!
-he loves to line things up in a row, or a train, or something. crayons, cars, rocks, leaves, chalk... he will line up in a perfect row and he likes everything to face the same way.
-he's still very good at being a dinosaur. sometimes he likes to scare his baby brother, but he's always quick to say sorry and hive him a hug.
-sharing.... oh sharing. working on the sharing thing. he shares with a select few (grandparents, parents, luke) but there are a few people he really has a tough time sharing with. mainly his cousin, boston. those two can just about drive me up a wall! but other times they are BEST friends
-getting very curious: "what dat?" "dat sound?"
-my parents favorite: "sitch!" he is constantly switching his binky with luke. so now, my mom and dad call seth "Sitch"
-he loves to take pictures! i've kind of given him my old point and shoot camera and he goes to town. he actually has a really good eye.
i seem to be his favorite subject. 
i think he's getting back at me for the past two years of constantly having the camera shoved in his face
-he is very loving. gives spontaneous hugs and kisses to all of us, and especially his baby brother and always tells us "eye aw ou"
-he loves to be in the dark. a special treat for him is when i let him eat a meal in the laundry room with the doors shut and light off. weird.
-he loves to help ! with everything! luke. the yard. cleaning up. etc
-if i let him, he would wear a utes shirt every single day and at night
 obviously i could go on and on! what mom couldn't? i'll spare you. i'll just say that he is spectacular. 

luke is 6 months old, as of yesterday! oh my gosh! time has flown!!!! just like when seth was born, i can't imagine life without lukester. now luke is a HAPPY little guy. very content with everyone. very, very smiley. and most notably, very chubby! he's in the 99th percentile for weight! he has some mad rolls. rolls on rolls. he's so squishy. oh, and i just love his age. 6-10 months is one of my favorite ages! they sit up, they're happy most of the time, they smile at strangers, they don't quite have opinions yet, and they aren't mobile. they could just sit and play with a new toy for what seems like an hour, but honestly is probably 20 minutes tops.

her are a few of luke's fun things:
-he is always sucking on his top or bottom lip, resulting in a really funny face
-he's super easy to put to bed, just wrap him up super tight and give him a bink... and yes, i sleep with him. i love it! i'm contemplating trying the crib, but we'll see. it worked out so well with seth.
-paper is his favorite substance! he will seek it out and crinkle any and all paper he finds!
-the question "when is the last time he ate?" is irrelevant. chances are, at any given moment, he is hungry.
-he digs tv
-he loves his big brother, and thinks seth is hilarious
-luke is getting pretty attached to me... which is fun and not fun, all at the same time. quite the conundrum.
-still not on solid foods yet. i've given him a few nibbles here and there, and he's sucked on fruit, but nothing consistently. he usually makes a sour face at everything i give him and his pediatrician said he doesn't need the extra calories :)
-his giggle is SO contagious!  if you want to really get him going, just poke his thighs!
-he loves attention, especially when you sing little ditties to him. patty cake is a current favorite.
-like all kids his age, everything goes into his mouth! i've had to put away seth's toys that are little, because there is no doubt he would find and insert them into his mouth
-he will eat your face if you let him! nom nom nom 
-he can sit up on his own. roll  both ways. scoot backwards. also, he has 2 perfect little adorable teeth!

-unlike seth, luke does a really good job being in the car seat. the only time he isn't doing well is if you look at him. sounds weird, but i think when he sees you he remembers that he can be with you and not in his carseat. it's automatic to try to sooth him if he starts making noise, but it usually only makes it worse. the best thing to do is to let him calm himself. i have perfected giving him a binky without him seeing me.
-loves to take baths with his brother. they get into some crazy splashing wars!
-his skin is so fair it is almost translucent! it's also quite eczema-prone. lotion is a must!
-his eyes are SO happy, just like his big brother. they have smiling eyes. the glisten. he can really "smize" as tyra would say.
i could also go on and on about lukester, just as i could about seth. one things is for certain: i love my boys!!!!!

now to jer and i. nothing new, really. a few days ago we had a nasty tummy flu that put us down for a solid 24 hours. the bug got the whole extended family, as well. nasty thing. 
a little ginger ale for the tum tum. photo courtesy of seth
jer has been golfing like a fiend. this week he plans on golfing every single morning! in st george this weekend, he golfed 18 holes at 2 under par! woo hoo! go jer!
jer also has been working on a ton of projects he's been given. he does such a great job at everything he does and he is always willing to share his talent! next up, build a pergola for my dad! i cannot WAIT to see how that turns out!
work for jer is going well. things staying strong at mrs fields/tcby. get out and buy some yogurt! tis the season! his hours aren't as hectic as they were a couple months ago, so we've been able to enjoy our jer jer at home more often.
 me? i'm just doin dandy. trying to get more active and get my family more active and healthy. reading "Freedom: a Novel" right now. really liking it so far. going for lots of walks. having lots of picnics. trying to stay outside as much as i can and trying to always have a plan for my day and create happy memories for my fam.

if you made it to this point in the post, congrats to you. i really didn't intend for it to be this long! meant to be just a wee little update.

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Ang said...

Very good post!!!! =o) Nice to get a update on the BOYZZZZ. They are getting to big to fast. Miss you all. Love Aunt Angie