Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Home, New Life

Holy shmoley it's been a while since i've been on this here blogger. i decided to get on the ball again since a. i don't see anyone anymore and this should be a good way to give little life updates and b. i'm pretty sure everyone who doesn't really know KNOW me on Facebook now hates me. seriously, could i possibly put more videos and pictures on FB that 85% of the people on there couldn't give two shits about? now, to be fair they probably have hidden me, but to be on the safe side, i'll try this medium again. i can ramble more and not feel as self-conscious about not using proper punctuation, capitalization, and i can be more.... oh, how you say "braggy" about my children.

well, we have been here for about 2 months? is that right? 2 whole months and i still don't have everything organized. the playroom? forget about it. it's a cluster.
where's seth amongst the playroom mess? 
definitely needing some organization there. our closet? psssht, disaster zone! wear your hard hat cause you are sure to get random clothes falling on your head. and dont even mention the 50+ pictures we still have not hung. ya know, i really took for granted ALL of the built in storage in our old house. it was EVERYWHERE! our closet was a dream. the playroom was gloriously organized. it's funny how we now have a home almost 3 times larger and yet, i don't have places to put everything. need to make me a run to the marvelous container store (yes, we have one of those) but alas, i don't want to pay for a damn babysitter and no way do i have the energy to bring those boys with me. i don't know if you know this, but they are kind of crazy!

speaking of the boys, they are doing remarkably well. we try to get out and do a fun new activity every day. there are so many classes and parks and activities aimed at their age around these parts. if you didn't know, we are in Erie... about 20-30 minutes from denver and 10 minutes from boulder. can you believe i STILL haven't been to denver?!?!?! i have found a love of boulder and the surrounding area. i think this week my friend erin and i are going to brave denver and hit up the zoo. i've got quite a long "to-do" list that i need to get on before the winter!
WHY DOES SETH NOT HAVE A SHIRT ON? because the color of his shirt was the EXACT same color as the group of preschooler there! the teachers kept yelling at Seth and calling him "Thomas" so, I decided he was going sans shirts. I would not put it past seth to have him hop on the bus with them as they left. seriously.
hi duckies!
ducks, water, mud!

i have managed to get some day camps in for seth. one was a dinosaur camp (he was the only boy) and one was a bug camp (he was the only boy). THEN, he's also in a gym class and there is only ONE girl. so funny!
Dino Camp
excited for the hike in Boulder!
we made it!
View from the top!
bug camp
searching for minnows, fishies, and bugs
he found a little fishy!
the class checking out the wildlife of the pond

jer and i have been pretty involved in church here. jeremy has been called to be assistant secretary in elders quorum and i am the teacher for the 10 YEAR OLDS!!! GAH! i can hardly believe it since, well, kids that age annoy the CRAP out of me! sunday was my first day, and actually, there are a handful of kids that are really really good!! a couple may be the death of me ("swimming" on the floor), but luckily there is this girl in the class that was TOTALLY like me at that age. she is the disciplinary! she tells them to get on track, to stop talking, and they seem to listen to her. i don't have to be mean!

Jeremy plays football with the ward every saturday... which also turns into going to help someone move or help someone with their yard. are we surprised that jeremy is the first one to volunteer? he also is on the softball team that plays every friday night. the boys love to watch and cheer him and it is right by their favorite "music" park.

 i try to do park playdates on wednesdays and last week i helped plan a cupcake party! what can i say, the cravings are getting to me.
cupcake madness! this is only 1/2 of the cupcakes that were there!

i am 17 weeks along and on September 10th is my next apt to find out the sex. i have been told by some that i look pregnant and by others that i don't. i LOVE my OB because she told me that i am really skinny. the first couple months i gained some fun weight, but this last month i didn't gain anything, but i am pretty sure the first 2 months make up for that :) the last time i puked was about 4 days ago... so i feel like i am at the end of that fun ride. i'm sure you were all just so curious! i will NOT be posting belly pictures. if you want to see me, come out and see me. i'd rather not remember my awkward pregnancy stage that i seem to still be lingering in.

after the baby, i think i have no choice but to be super duper active. our ward if FULL of crazy runners. i think this year they had 2 ragnar teams (all women) and i love that being healthy seems to be a major priority. i also like that they give their kids fruit snacks so i don't have to be "that" mom :)

right now, my focus is 100% on the boys. trying to figure out what will be best for them come baby time. i really want to get seth into a preschool, but can i just tell you how hard that is unless you registered a year ago! i did find ONE that just had an opening that we went to yesterday and i have a really good feeling about it. she is a retired teacher who runs it and it just has such a good feeling to it. our other option is finding a nanny who will also be a tutor for the boys. jeremy favors the nanny idea since it will help me tremendously here, as well as getting the boys some of that there edumucation. i am more concerned about education PLUS socializing. With a nanny, though, seth will still be involved in his extra classes (gym, soccer, piano, swim) that will hopefully still be giving him that. i just don't know. i am SO on the fence and of course just want what's best for them. can't i have a nanny AND take seth to preschool 2 days a week and have him in extra curricular activities AND have my cake and eat it too? now is that so much to ask? as you can tell, this has been a BIG thought in my head and a major stressor!

Luke is just a ball full of goofy. his expressions just kill me!

he's his own apple peeler AND juicer! for the price of one!

when he is happy, he is literally the cutest thing in the world and when he is upset, he is a little angry tornado! he runs in circles and falls to the ground! seth and luke have been getting along SO well! the other day at the park a little kid was playing with seth and said "mom, this is my new best friend!" to which seth replied "my best friends are boston and lukey". obviously, he needs to know not to say that and that everyone can be his best friend, but i did think that was super sweet! Luke and him love to play together. luke loves to be a monster/tiger/dinosaur and chase seth around the house. seth is SO good about trying to make luke happy when he is sad and talks to him with the sweetest voice "sorry lukey. mommy can't get your bottle when we are driving. it ok. she will get it when we stop. we are almost there lukey. be patient. it ok!" i LOVE it! obviously, there are also times when i want to strangle them because they are wresting and someone is crying, or they are not sharing a toy. though, i must say, that doesn't happen often.

oh, awesome though... they are both sleeping in their own beds for the majority of the night! seth sleeps ALL night, but luke comes into our room usually around 3 am. but hey, i'll take it! so proud of them! seth said he's not scared if lukey is with him.

right now, we are working on our yard. our HOA is VERRRRY strict, so getting approval for our yard design has taken a while.

actually, we still haven't gotten it but yesterday our landscaping company started anyway. oops! can't wait to get that reprimanding letter. we've already gotten a letter for having a trailer in our driveway... did i mention it was in our driveway the first two days we were moving in?! i guess they all had magic fairies move them in. lucky. i probably should have told the workers to stop on the yard, but i just can't wait to get the yard in! jeremy and seth play t-ball every night, but lately, the afternoon storms have made it too muddy, so they can't. seth SOOO looks forward to seeing and playing with jeremy at night, so having a yard in will help them do that without the mud stopping them.

so coming up, we have a few things. we are going to the broncos/49ers game on sunday! then next week jeremy and i are going on a work retreat near Vail for a week. My AWESOME mom is coming to watch the boys! they are so excited! i get to go on the retreat cause i kind of got a part-time job as the events co-ordinator at jeremy's work! dream job! i just finished decorating their lounge area
and now i get to start planning parties, getaways, and big meetings; and, i get to do all the planning at home. of course, i need to be there for the actual event, which includes retreats!

ya know, as much as the boys love it here, they still really miss everyone in utah. seth recently had a "bad" dream where he didn't give mom-mom a hug and a kiss. he also saw a picture of boston with a box and got excited because he though he was moving here! but, my FAVORITE has got to be when our friend corey came over and we were outside. corey has the same hair and head shape as vaughn and corey was wearing sunglasses. when he pulled in, seth SCREAMED "GRANDPA!" and ran to the car. By that time, Corey had taken off his sunglasses, to which Seth nervously ran back to me and sadly said "that's not grandpa." i about peed my pants. but isn't that all so sweet!

thus concludes my post. can't wait to give some more updates and get some pictures up of our routines, ya know, stuff.

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