Saturday, April 30, 2011

darn global climate change

i really really want it to be warm! i mean, really! i do like rain and thunder storms, but what i dont like is when it looks warm outside and it's really cold. i get all excited that there are no rain clouds and the sun is out, but sometimes those are the coldest days of all! 

i've maybe spent too many afternoons outside with seth while luke is napping... too many cold afternoons that look like they should be warm, but really AREN'T. i know kids don't catch colds or pneumonia from being in the cold weather, but i still hear that old wives tale in my head every time: 'get inside or you'll catch a cold!'. even the flowers know it should be warm! march: in like a lion out like a lamb, my butt!! it's almost may and we're still dealing with the lion
the other day, i took the boys to my parents to see the baby chicks and horses and eat breakfast. 
i tried to dress like it was warm
eating breakfast
it was brisk, but seth didn't seem to mind. he seems almost immune to the cold. he has such a wonderful time outside, i think he forgets that he can't feel his fingers. 
stalking baby chicks
takin the trike out for a spin
grandad trying to teach seth how to properly pick flowers

i love love this picture!

does anyone want a fat black lab? seriously. he's, um, great. low maintenance, just feed him A LOT
a couple days ago, i decided not to care if my nose was frozen. i had to pull those weeds! the weeds also don't care if it's cold. seth was a great helper! 

flowering trees! ah

bleeding hearts- my favorite. they remind me of my grandma; she loved them

while weeding, we got some dirt on the sidewalk

seth ran into the garage and got a broom. then we had a lot of dirt on the sidewalk! my little helper.
even though it was cold, i think being outside is MAYBE still worth it. maybe. it just brings seth so much joy. how can i not love that? just hopefully he doesn't catch a cold.

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