Friday, April 8, 2011

snow outside, spring inside!

It's snowing outside! can you believe it!? like, blizzard... i was all for april showers, but april snow is a little out of my comfort zone. seth, on the other hand, is loving it!! we've got all the shutters open and he is just playing with his cars by the windows and yelling, 'snow! snow! mom, mom! snow!' i must say, i do love how much he's enjoying it. i guess he doesn't really know that we should be expecting warm weather this time of year. he has no expectations... he just knows that it's snowing!

i had already decided that today i was going to make sugar cookies! i found this blog where this "cookier" decorates the CUTEST cookies! i was jonesin to try my hand at it.  she uses royal icing, but i found a recipe for a glaze icing that doesnt call for meringue powder, like royal icing does. i had never even heard of it!
while i was busy making a mess, seth was having a fun time with the decorating sugars. i seriously couldnt believe he stacked them all! go seth!


i let seth try the product

it was a success! i had eaten so much of the dough, i was too ill to try the cookies, but i enjoyed watching seth enjoy them.
sweet lukey just hung out and was very good during my little escapade
although my kitchen ended up like this: 

i loved the end product! they may look simple, but they really took a while to decorate! letting each color dry before i could move onto the next and adding colored sugar was very time consuming, but i love the cute little cookies!

check out my other blog Blue Duck if you want to see more pictures.

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Sar n' Trav said...

I just wrote a long post and for some reason I have to write it again. Ugh, I don't remember all of it. But they look scrumptious! I love the cute duckies!