Monday, September 27, 2010

i caved

i was determined not to do any real work at the great harvesting this year. i was just in it for the photo ops, but when i went over on sunday and saw how tired/stressed my pappy was over trying to get everything done that day, i caved. ok, maybe i was bribed, but i prefer to think that i did it to be a helpful, loving daughter. besides, my pappy's tiredness was self-inflicted: the day before he biked a 100-mile race and left jeremy to try to defend the mrs fields golf championship title with new players! pfffft! they needed you, jello-shot inskeep! they needed you.

although pappy was tired, i think he had a great time with sethers. ok, so funny... i asked my dad why HE didn't harvest the grapes? my mom stepped right in and said, 'because he doesn't, sarah! he's the wine maker NOT the harvester!' o-k.

so, i harvested a few rows out of the goodness of my heart while pappy was busy disinfecting everything and watching seth eat giant mutated marshmallows.

harvesting sucks! it's so hard! it seems all easy breezy/under the tuscan sun.... NO! spiders. heat. heavy grape baskets. crouching. oh, and don't let my dad catch you feeding the grapes to the horses! in hind sight, it was a terrible idea. that horse would NOT leave me alone! oh, and if he catches you drop grapes on the ground and accidentally stomp on them, there will be words! i believe his exact words to mumsy were 'that's juice we're never going to get back!' nick, on the other hand, seemed to actually ENJOY harvesting!! what!?!?! i asked him what HE's getting out of this and he just shrugged and said that he will never have to buy a bottle of wine in his life. i just don't like pregnant hard labor. at all.
nick is genuinely happy

REAL work... i had to white-trash it up and take off my top shirt.

we later stomped. we got seth to join in the fun, but he wasn't a fan. i've got a vid to show his lack of excitement, but you'll have to look on my facebook page for that. for some reason, i can't get them to load.

it was a good time, even if the actual hard work wasn't. oh, and we met chokey's harem! they were stuck up. i tried to get close to them but they wouldn't even give me the time of day.

these pictures are just super random, but i love them! jer got a well-needed haircut yesterday too, but halfway through it was a total bowl cut! i don't know if he's sad because his long locks are getting cut away or because he had a jerry seinfeld inspired cut at the moment; either way, HI-larious. Thanks for the final cut, Shayla!

Jer should have been happy because he made his baby boy SO happy last night! seth would NOT stop giving jer hugs! no hugs for mommy... just daddy. it was like christmas! new pjs, train, cars, and dump truck... thanks daddy!


The Stone's said...

That picture of Jeremy is so funny! SO FUNNY! And I just love your parents! They're so cute (even though your dad is never going to let me live down the clogging incident)! You look so cute! Are you feeling good? We should get together soon!

melly said...

I love this, Sarah!!!

Tell the Stone family I love them!


Sar n' Trav said...

Love the picture of Jeremy! It is so Jerry-esque! Your Sethers is too sweet and I love that belly! You look great! Miss you!