Monday, August 23, 2010

my dream autumn wardrobe for seth

so, seth was taking a nap, the house was clean, i was ready, and what i was going to do didn't work out (i was going to take pictures of things that are not in our house.... not very possible). i'm a dreamer and i love to shop, but i haven't been able to in ages for seth. i mean, i just want to go crazy! here are my ideas for a seth wardrobe for fall. it's beyond perfect and adorable! yes, i realize it will never happen... but isn't it fun to dream!!

i see a trend in what i'm loving: yellows, dark-wash jeans, greys, stripes, layers, preppy/sporty, and of course, totally adorable! check out the yellow shoes i have everywhere... are they not to die for!?

another trend: expensive! i priced items out in outfits and boy oh boy, pricey! but, as i said, i can dream! it's fun to imagine them on seth :)

After looking online, it really looks like old navy and gymboree are the way to go. yes, gap is SO SO cute, but unless something is on major sale, it seems way too expensive unless for a special occasion and i'm sure once things go on sale the way cute things are already gone or the sizes won't work out.

sethy is waking up... better run!


The Stone's said...

Either way, he's one well-dressed little boy! Cute cute! We get to go school shopping this year! Weird!

the petersons said...

Oh my heck I know what you mean! We always wait for the labor day sale at the outlets so that I can get as many fall/winter clothes for Hayden as possible without going bankrupt. And now we've got another one to shop for! Ah kids... gotta love em. And Shay is right; Seth would be cute even if he walked around in a tunic. :)

Tiffany said...

Maybe when Grandma gets better we can go to Old Navy and see what they have in Seths size :O)
(I see you praying for my recovery)hehehe

Sar n' Trav said...

What a stylin' little man!