Sunday, August 22, 2010

2 Days at the FAIR!

well, hello!
ok, so the past 2 days have been so much fun! loving my free days off, although i always had saturdays off. seth and i decided to call grandma denise on friday to see if they wanted to go to the davis county fair. last year we went, but seth just slept the WHOLE time! granted, he was like 6 months, but i was so excited for him to see the animals and he just couldn't care less. forget about the rides! this time was so much different!! i love his age right now. he is so excited to learn about everything and the fair was full of new and exciting things for him to point at and wave to.
as i said, the first day we went with denise. she was watching boston and jeremy's aunt, marsha, was watching little morgan... the three of them are freakin adorable together! when seth decided it was a good idea to try to jump in the water while on the boat, i was done. i think seth was as well... he had a terrible case of red face. i'm sure the ride operators were thrilled when we left!
we had so much fun, missy and i decided the next night we should bring the hubby's with us so the kids could have one more day to play on the rides.
i tells ya, the safety of those rides are craptacular. the kids are expected to be held in with a flimsy piece of twine. real secure. we had one too many scares when we decided to call it quits. here you can see the extreme safety measures DC fair goes through. those kids are their #1 priority!
the children's safety aside, those rides were so cute! i love hearing seth squeal... and i think he has his first crush ;)


The Stone's said...

Halleluyer! You have a blog! So excited!!!!! Seth couldn't be cuter! He's so adorable! Yay! Blog friend!

Lovin' Bein' Sain said...

He is a but-ton! Those pictures are so cute. So so so cute.

Chris & Missy said...

The fair was so much fun. I'm so glad you and Jer and of course georgous Seth came with us!!