Wednesday, August 4, 2010

hmmmmm, where am i going with this?

for starters, i know the blog title is lame. bite me. i was on the spot.

i've never done this before, but it seems ever so fun! really the only reason i had a blog profile in the first place was to blog-stalk others; which, i love to do by the way! i am sitting here at work and realizing that in a couple weeks i will no longer be a working mom, just a "mom". that scares me. going to work was such a great excuse for my pitfalls as a mother. "oh, you still sleep with your 16 month old!" "well, i work so i need to get all the sleep i can get and can't be bothered with letting him cry it out" "oh! yeah! totally!" another scary realization is the fact that i rely far too much on titles. let me explain: growing up, i was a smart kid. 4.0. all honors and AP classes. i was GOING somewhere! i was going to BE something (doctor, president, on SNL, animal rights activist, etc). on days in school where we were suppose to dress like what we wanted to be when we grew up, i dressed like an archaeologist and scoffed at those dressed as moms. who in their right mind wants to grow up to be a MOM?! lame! ask anyone, i was terrified of children, never made anything aside from cereal, was moving to scotland, didn't want to get married until i was 30, and definitely didn't want to stay in utah. well, 5 years after graduation i've been married 4 years, have 1 child with one on the way, living in Utah and i LOVE it! it's so strange! i WANT to be home with my baby. i WANT to learn how to make healthy meals with crazy ingredients like grains and spices and olive oil -- all things that i thought were just used to keep your cabinets full until they expired 10 years down the road. BUT, i still want to be me. the crazy spirit is still inside of me but it's used to make my home happy and to teach my child how to be a great human beings. i want to use that to create adventures that will last them a lifetime! who woulda thunk it?

this is my first post. oh, i hate caps. get used to it. punctuation in general is not favorited by me. ok, i lie, i use commas, exclamations points and (...) far too much. lots of run-on sentences and unfinished thoughts. i just type what jumps in my head and go on... don't turn around and re-read to fix any grammar problems. my mom would be so ashamed!

oh, speaking of my mom, today is her birthday! happy birthday mother! 29 years old today and she looks fabulous! i got her a book called "passive aggressive notes"... SO up her alley! my mom is my luncheon buddy. we love trying new restaurants that are little holes in the wall with fresh, local food! we keep talking about making a blog documenting out eating out adventures, but alas, that has not occured. it's fun to talk about but when you get into the logistics of creating one, the fun seems to fade away. oh, we had it all planned out. we'd rate the food, atmosphere, take pictures, rate how kid friendly it is, etc. maybe someday. maybe this blog will encourage us to make that leap. ah, love her. lovely love my family... but maybe there will be more posts in the future to tell of their shenanigans.

here is a lovely picture of my close and awesome family that made me do the 180! jer wanted kids from day 1 and i was SO not interested. by the way, how awesome that i have a guy that loves and wanted kids!? well, wasn't awesome at the time, but now it is :)


Lovin' Bein' Sain said...

YESSSS I'm your first comment!!! LOVE that you have a blog, love that you don't like to use punctuation, love that you're pregnant with another boy and that YOU love your life! You're just the best Sar, I have always known this. I would so love to see you sometime...(I use the ... too, it's my fav)

the petersons said...

I, like you and Dange, use the ... Far too much but it definitely serves a perfect purpose so... :)
I'm so glad you are finally writing on your blog! You are hilarious and make me laugh just in the way you say things. Like for instance, "alas." I love it! I love you and I love that you love being a mom. Let's get together soon! Say... Dodo? You know I can never resist so let me know when you're available.

Sar n' Trav said...

Aha! I love everything about this! I could totally hear your voice as I was reading your post... even with the pauses, the eye rolls, and the Sarah snicker! Love you Sarahbi! I am looking forward to blog stalking you! Yes! (By the way, I love exclamation points :)) And double chin smiley faces...