Thursday, November 8, 2012

october photo drop

these are just a bunch of random pictures that don't deserve their own post but are cute nonetheless! a peak into our daily lives!
this is around 9 pm when luke starts to get really punchy!
daddy takes full advantage of punchy luke, while i scold and tell them we need to calm him down for bed!

Evening at the park.... we started taking evening walks when daddy got home, which sometimes ended in a trip to the park

seth covering his cars with sand.... two days later we would have to go back to the park and dig for an hour to find the remaining 2 cars we never recovered that day

daddy helping lukey
 Here's our little trip to Nederland again.... we made sure to be VERY careful in the puppet theatre. no concussions for us!

watching the riders below

happy because he FINALLY picked an animal he wanted.... it was an ordeal. good thing we were the only ones there for a while, so he could take the time he needed

seth+guy+string= tied up guy. every time

some cookie decorating the night sarah williams and i babysat 3 friends + our own while jer and brianwent to the broncos game. it was ok... we had a girls night the night before

jer bought a helicopter! smart?

did seth think i would never figure it out?

being a goof
 i got a new ap that i am currently in love with: oldify and fatify! hours of fun!!! 


seth actually did this one all by himself... i just found it in my phone! cracks me up!!!

my personal favorite...  it works cause the before was magoo

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Armelle Berck said...

Yay for Nederland!!!
And Nay on the App... a friend showed it to me last weekend and it freaked the shit out of me!
Love ya!