Thursday, November 8, 2012

first snow of the season

On October 25th, we woke up to a wonderful surprise: SNOW!

Seth had me up and dressing him in winter clothes by 630 am.... no exaggeration. he was STOKED! he was a little disappointed that the snow wouldn't hold together in a ball, but it made perfect snow angels.

luke woke up about an hour later and joined in the fun. luke HAD to have a bottle and two binkies, which made for some frustration on lukey's part. plus, those darn mittens just don't pick up binkies like good old-fashioned fingers do.

luke lasted, oh, 10 minutes tops, and he was at the door yelling "cold cold cold!" i was more than willing to go inside with him since i was just in pj pants and a hoodie.

i was able to get some cute pictures, so really my mission was complete.

seth continued for a good hour or so making trails and snow piles until there was too much snow in his mittens for him not to notice anymore.

thinking we are going to need a better indoor/outdoor system come the real snowy season. we had towels and water all over the floor ad carpet, so i need to be a little more creative on how to tackle that. and yes, luke needs snow pants :) we did buy boots and hats that cover their ears since this, so, we've got to get credit for that, eh?

the rest of the day seth just stared out the window in panic: it's melting! it's melting (what a world! what a world!) i assured him it would not be the last he would see of the snow.

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