Thursday, November 8, 2012

first real Denver trips

so, jeremy has this rule that people can only stay with us for a maximum of 3 nights/4 days once a month. my aunt merri had to come to denver for work for a week, so my mom tagged along. she was planning on coming at the end of october as well, so to avoid breaking rules, she stayed at the hotel in denver.

it was perfect! it gave us an excuse to actually go to denver and get to hang out with mom-mom, too! driving through denver to get to her hotel, seth was convinced that all of the buildings were actually "jail houses" since the first floor on most of them had bars covering them. that boy gets more and more hilarious!

day one and we went to the hotel to have a swim at the hotel pool.

came back and it was time for naps and watching a movie projected on the ceiling (thank you aunt merri!)

i took advantage of the situation and had jeremy come to denver after work so we could go out to dinner for a date. we are always in need of dates! we walked around 16th street mall, found a restaurant and enjoyed some people watching. apparently it was the beer fest, which explained the crazy behavior and overly crowded streets.thank you so much for watching the boys, mom!!!! 

the next time we went out, we picked my mom up and headed to the children's museum! love love love! she tried to talk me into getting a year pass, but there is no way i will be going there without another adult. one adult per child is a MUST!!

my mom took seth for the 1st half and i took little lukey. there was a giant area just for 3 and under that we took advantage of.

luke gathered ALL of the stuffed animals he could find and gave them all a little home in the reading corner

my personal favorite puppet: stump man. 

this little fishing boat was so cute! it even made boat noises as he bounced in it

 We met up with my mom and Seth in the bubble room! my favorite room!!!

safety first!
seth in his lab coat and goggles, making a giant bubble around himself

It comes down in the bubble and you try to catch it

these bubbles were awesome! filled with, well, i don't what... but it reminded me of dry ice smoke.
sometimes you can catch it perfectly....

and sometimes they just pop!
Luke was pro at popping the bubbles that landed on the very slimy, wet ground

my little scientist
this was an area where these tubes had that "smoke" come out of them and you could stack, measure, and create bubbles

After bubble mania, i took seth and my mom took lukey. seth and i made it to the beloved train room!

My favorite place to take seth was the dance room! they had lots of things to dress up in, a big mirror, dance floor, and clogs of all sizes! Seth donned a cape and clogs and rocked that stage! it was to the point where other mothers were commenting on what a natural he is. they even asked if he's had lessons before! i just thought it was a riot watching him jig to the irish music that played overhead. fabulous.

tappa tappa tappa

he would have stayed there all day if i let him

Next stop: art room. my mom and i could only handle about 7 minutes of that.

Ball room!
hear the alarm and the kids RAN to the ball drop to wait!

Final destination: the vet room! both boys loved taking care of the fake animals. luke had ALL of the cats and dogs in the same kennel. A little girl got sad because it was "not nice!"

multi tasking at the front desk

seth doing his thing... and if you look closely, you can see luke in the back gathering animals

some x-rays... my favorite was the one labelled "obese dog". made me think of lance
so thorough
Mom, thank you SOOOO much for coming and letting us hang out with you in Denver! i miss you every day and so do the boys! you are mentioned AT LEAST once a day :)

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