Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Boston my best friend"

After my parents came into town, remember how Seth had a bad fall and hit to the head? Well, a couple days later his head looked super swollen! We had a little trip to the children's instacare to get it checked out. Head trauma is one thing I don't think you should "wait out". Jeremy agreed. Luckily, it was just a bruised skull that travelled down his head. No fractures. No concussion. SO grateful!!
the right side... can you see?

About a week ago, Seth got the greatest surprise ever! he knew that chris and shayla were coming over, but every time i would mention it, he would say "and Boston?!" i would hate to say, "no, Boston isn't coming this time, but you will see him in a couple months!". the look on his face each time i said that was heart-wrenching. he would immediately say "Boston my best friend, huh!?" 

Well, about 2 days before their arrival, we found out that they got a ticket for Boston! Jer got to say, "Guess what? Chris and Shayla are coming over!". Then, Seth said, "and Boston?!" It was tremendously gratifying to say, "yes, and Boston too!" 

When they arrived, I really wish I would have recorded it. There were cheers, screams, hugs, running in circles, and more screams! Luke was especially excited to see Shayla!

They spent the majority of the weekend playing from sun up to sun down. Nap time was extremely laborious since no one wanted to get away from the fun. I also have to say, through the whole weekend of playing 8-10 hours a day, I don't remember Seth and Boston getting into a fight even once! Luke and Seth, on the other hand, is another story.

One of the days, while Chris and Jeremy were at a Broncos game, Shayla and I took the boys to an outdoor mall. We ended up riding an outdoor train all around the mall then enjoying some fro-yo.

Another day we spent some time in Boulder. Pushed the kiddos in the stroller and played in the random pseudo parks on pearl street.

It was so sad to see them leave! It definitely didn't seem like enough time for the boys to be with their favorite cousin... but we are planning a trip in November to Utah. 

After they left, there was a definite void. We decided to do lots of crafts to send to grandparents! their favorite was when I painted their feet like candy corn! Actually, Luke got a little upset when I wouldn't paint the other foot!
Shopping for craft supplies... he was enthralled 
collected leaves to paint and stamp

We've also been doing A TON of paper airplanes. I'm pretty much a pro at folding by now.

Just got the first shipment of girl clothes from my mumsy! thank you mom!!!!

Oh, here was a fun one. I was putting Luke down for a nap and I could here Seth out in the hall/bathroom. I was definitely worried. I came out, and was greeted by this.... and a boy with a toothpaste-white mustache. He said, "it's toothpaste soup! it's my favorite! I drink it every day!" His breath WAS very fresh!

We had a fun foggy morning! Seth played outside all morning! At one point, Seth fell on the ground and got dew on his hands. He licked it and said "MOM! MOM! it tastes like FOG!"

By Friday, we were up and ready for the days. We definitely look forward to soccer on Fridays, so that gives us a little boost. I wised up, this time, and found a sitter for Luke while I took Seth to soccer. The previous week Seth had a total meltdown when the hispanic coach didnt understand that Seth wanted to be addressed as "Seth Young" and not just "Seth". He became inconsolable. It ended with us leaving 30 minutes early and me having another couple help me get the kids to the car! SOOO embarrassing! Let's just say that during the "episode" of Seth saying, "No! I'm Seth YOUNG!!" there were other mom's who started recording it. I mean, everyone was laughing, but man, he seemed like he had serious mental issues. Even the kid on his team with Down Syndrome could keep it together a whole practice! I can laugh about it now, but at the time, I just wanted to run and hide! 

The next practice, after a full week of coaching Seth on what is appropriate and what is not, we made it with no incident. The parents were all telling me how funny it was that he wanted to be addressed as "Seth Young". They were all saying "Hi, Seth Young!" They all gave me their stories of how their kids had done similar things/ had major freak outs in public. I love those stories cause I feel like I am not alone and/or a piece of crap for not being the "toddler whisperer" and getting things under control right away. 

SO glad to have our friends Erin and Kelsey back home! Planning things with her kind of forces me to get out earlier rather than later, since the best time for her daughter to do activities is in the mornings. Today, we made it to Monkey Bizness again. As usual, the perfect time there! There was a little boy (about 4 or 5) who was OBSESSED with Erin. That made for a hilarious morning!! The look on her face was priceless! oh, little boys. 

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